Independently Investigate Shooting of 14-Year-Old Boy By Police

Target: Mayor Eric Garcetti

Goal: Open an independent and transparent investigation into the killing of Jesse Romero.

An LAPD officer shot and killed 14-year-old Jesse Romero while he was attempting to flee after responding to reports of teenagers writing graffiti on walls. According to statements made by the LAPD, the officer shot Jesse Romero after he shot at the officer. However, witnesses contradict these statements, claiming that Jesse Romero attempted to discard a gun, which discharged after hitting the ground. Either way, it is unclear why a simple call concerning petty vandalism escalated into a shooting incident.

As is common in the wake of police shootings, there have already been attempts to smear Jesse Romero to make it seem as though he deserved to be killed. Spokespeople from the LAPD have alleged that the graffiti was gang related and have linked Romero to gang activities. Whether true or not, it is unlikely that the officers involved would have immediate access to said “facts.” The killing of Jesse Romero must be investigated, however we must ensure that the investigation is independent, transparent, and impartial. Sign our petition to demand such an investigation.  


Dear Mayor Garcetti,

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the killing of Jesse Romero. As you know, this killing comes at a time of high tension between law enforcement and communities. Conflicting narratives of the incident have already emerged, which can only exacerbate mistrust between the LAPD and parts of the local community. Therefore, it is critical for any investigation into this matter to be independent, transparent, and impartial to ensure that its findings escape accusations of bias.

Any investigative team must contain representatives from the affected community as well as law enforcement. The investigation’s findings must be public, and the process of investigation must be transparent. Furthermore, the aim of the investigation must be more than simply determining criminal culpability but also determine how to prevent future shootings. Most importantly, Los Angeles law enforcement agencies must commit to follow the report’s recommendations.


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  2. Caroline McCord says:

    The police the whole world over are exactly the same, they lash out before thinking causing serious injuries in the knowledge that they are safe from prosecution, unfortunately in the US the police are armed and trigger happy, they shoot first and cover their arses later and it is this attitude that cause these unnecessary deaths of youngsters who are usually from the black and Hispanic communities. This has to stop NOW and the police should ensure that any investigation that is carried out in cases like this should be an open book so that the public who are fast turning against the police can see that the investigation is honest,fair and that members of the public can see how the investigation is progressing every step of the way. There are far too many young ethnics being shot and killed by the police for stupid reasons and it has to be seriously addressed NOW.

  3. Nick Percival says:

    It is a great tragedy that a 14 year old boy was killed. However, according to the article above, the boy was shot because he fired his gun at the officer. This, of course, could have killed the officer. So, not knowing all the details in this case, we should not be so quick to condemn the police. The possible alternative of the boy throwing his gun away and having it accidentally fire seems highly unlikely, but even assuming it’s true, it would still give the officer the impression that he was being fired upon. The boy should not have been carrying a loaded gun (with the safety off and a hair trigger) – that certainly doesn’t mean he deserved to die, but it was a major factor in his dying. So the real anger should NOT be aimed at the police, but rather at these gangs that put ALL (e.g., very young recruits, police, innocent bystanders) at risk.

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      I agree with you Nick, always 2 sides to a story.
      First and foremost, sincere condolences to the child’s family and friends. God rest his soul.

      What the hell was a child of 14 years of age doing with a fire arm? How did he get access to it?
      He was doing wrong, but someone had given him an eventual death sentence when giving him a loaded weapon….!
      I am in no way condoning the police with their trigger happy sprees of late, but let us have the full story, with everyone one involved, first.

  4. wheres the proof he shot at the white cop. is their any mark on the ground. did the cop have the gun first facing the boy. most likely he did. and the boy feard for his life

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