Stop Pokémon Go From Damaging Environment

Target: John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, Inc.

Goal: Stop sending players into environmentally sensitive ecosystems.

Chicago’s Loyola Dunes Restoration site has seen littering, vandalization, and the trampling of rare, protected plant and wild life since its designation as a Pokéstop in the popular Pokémon Go mobile game. The site, established in 2003 in an effort to protect natural wildlife in a predominantly urban environment, is home to rare types of grasses, flowers, animals, and now, Pokémon. The availability of rare Pokémon within the sand dunes has drawn thousands of players to the park which has crushed the sensitive environment.

Some visitors have ventured off the trails and into the protected areas in order to catch Pokémon. In doing so, plants protected under state and federal laws are being destroyed. The destruction of the rare plant life can have devastating effects on the wildlife that lives there, such as migratory birds and other smaller species. Garbage is also being left behind and graffiti has since begun to mark information signs within park.

Locals and officials have filed dozens of requests asking that the site be removed from the mobile game. They have even contacted Niantic, the company behind Pokémon Go, in hopes of removing the fragile natural restoration area from the game.

This is not the first time Pokémon Go has created controversy by establishing Pokéstops at various sites. Pokéstops are not only found in natural parks such as the Loyola Dunes Restoration site, but are also found in churches, cemeteries, and memorials, leading many to wonder if the game has crossed a line. Sign the petition to let Niantic know that, while their efforts to merge video games and the outdoors are admirable, there are some natural areas that should be considered off limits due to their abundance of endangered and rare species.


Dear Mr. Hanke,

Your company’s popular mobile game Pokémon Go has found a way to bring video games outdoors. It has led to thousands of game players venturing outside and exploring the natural wonders of our nation. However, this comes with a steep environmental price in some cases.

Chicago’s Loyola Dunes Restoration site is a natural site that was established to reintroduce the area’s natural species to the now predominantly urban environment. In addition to being home to rare plant and animal life, it is now also home to rare Pokémon. This has led to an increase in foot traffic to the park.

While the increase in awareness of the park’s mission is important, it has also led to endangerment of the site’s natural species. The dunes are being littered with garbage and signs vandalized. Visitors are venturing off the footpaths in hopes of catching rare Pokémon, which has led to the trampling of plant life, destroying habitats for rare animals and birds.

Concerned citizens and park officials have asked for the site to be removed from the mobile game in order to protect the mission it started 13 years ago. I urge you to take steps to remove this Pokéstop before the damage to the site’s rare species becomes irreversible.


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  1. This pathetic, stupid, dangerous irritating game must be banned globally.

  2. michael guest says:

    I don’t play that video game. This proposal is unnecessary and wrong. Get this harmful thing removed and banned now. Our environments and ecosystems need to stay protected. Keep video game players off sensitive environments and wildlife habitats!

  3. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  4. I find it funny how people go with the flow here. Where is the proof of people going into these places? And what damage does it do? If people have a common sense, they don’t ruin anything.
    Let people have some fun with this game, the hype will be over soon enough.

    I won’t sign this stupid petition.

  5. I agree with Pokémon has to get their players to be responsible playing the game. Have respect!

  6. Rosie Adams says:

    I’ve watched the morons playing it on TV and didn’t know who invented but considered them morons too. Birds of a feather. Talking of birds, this is another example of entrepreneurs and corporate companies stampeding over the rest of society in the struggle to climb the rungs and rake in the money. Sad, unfortunate beings, catering to sad, unfortunate beings – trouble is they take nature’s beings in their sad, unfortunate wake. Stuff like this has no place in nature’s places. The usual intransigent CEO spectre.

  7. A lot of the “Pokestops” were areas that were sent in to the company by players for a previous game and that were already in their system, the company may have had nothing to do with this to begin with and probably the suggestions for the location were sent in with the intent to gain public attention to a cause rather than with the intent of attracting destructive individuals with no sense of respect. There are people that drive and play the game and there are people that text and drive. There are people that trample over restricted areas to play the game and there are people that trample over restricted areas to smoke or drink or for the purposes of other illegal activities. I don’t think the game should take the blame for people that know no better. That being said, as much as I love Pokemon, there are some pokestops that are in questionable locations. I get that cemeteries can be historic, especially here in Boston, so it makes sense to want to bring people in to visit these areas but… maybe not to catch Pokemon. Can we respect the “symbolism” of the place? I’m hardly religious nor sentimental enough to be affected but traditionally cemeteries are places to mourn and to be in peace, not rave over a Pikachu sighting. So I’ll sign not because I’m against the game but because clearly people have no self control and need others to teach them.

  8. annie vallet says:

    pathetic, yes , it’s exactly the word I was looking for

  9. Robin Lindberg says:

    If one of these Pokemon idiots shows up on my property I’ll snap their neck like a twig

  10. Nature treats back now ?
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth ?
    Higher Justice works now ?

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