Stop Bayer From Selling Bee Killing Insecticide


Target: CEO of Bayer Pharmaceutics, Marijn Dekkers

Goal: Ban insecticide linked to bee deaths and aquatic wildlife poisoning.

A widely used insecticide, called neonicotinoids, is used to cultivate soy beans and corn in the United States. However, researchers are finding that this poison is one of the leading causes for the decline in bee colonies. Furthermore, the poison is leaching into streams and rivers, disrupting the aquatic life in the Missouri and Mississippi River. Urge the CEO of Bayer Pharmaceutics to issue a ban on this insecticide so our wildlife and environment no longer have to suffer.

Researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey found that the insecticide is water soluble, and because it takes a long time to be broken down, it can exist for an extended period of time in the environment. The insecticide is not sprayed on the plants, but rather on the seeds. However, due to runoff, the poison is left in the soil and water that leaves the farms. The insecticide is not particularly toxic to humans, but it impacts numerous species of insects. When the researchers released their findings, companies like Bayer, CropScience and Syngenta who produce the insecticide, issued a statement that the toxin levels in the water are safe.

However, researchers believe this statement is incorrect and that the insecticide has a serious impact on wildlife such as bees, especially when used in conjunction with other toxins. Another study found that birds who eat the insecticide coated seeds are also being killed off. Researchers are not sure how exposure to multiple toxins will affect the ecosystem, but even if an insect is killed through these poisons, other animals could still be affected. Because of the fact that these insecticides came out in the 1980s and 1990s, very little research exists on its impact and consequences. What scientists do know is that these poisons affect an insect’s nervous system, making it dizzy and unable to fend for itself.

Because there is so little research on these toxins, and scientists have already found dire consequences on the bee population, Bayer needs to follow the action taken by the Europe Union, and place a ban on the sale of these insecticides. Tell the CEO of Bayer Pharmaceutics to place a moratorium on these insecticides so our wildlife and environment no longer have to suffer.


Dear CEO of Bayer Pharmaceutics, Marijn Dekkers,

Researchers have found dire consequences resulting from the use of neonicotinoids. This insecticide is one of the leading factors for the decline of the bee population, but also could be leading to the decline of aquatic life as well. Even in small quantities, these toxins can disrupt an organism’s ability to fend for itself. Also, if birds ingest bugs that have been poisoned, they too can get sick.

I urge you to issue a ban on these insecticides immediately. For the welfare of our environment and the well being of our ecosystem, please keep these toxins out of our environment.


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  1. Stop the making of this crap. We need our bees. I don’t know what you people are thinking. Apparently nothing good. You should be trying to come up with a solution to kill cancer instead of wasting your time on other crap like killing bees.

  2. Barbara Link says:

    They just dont want to spend any money to change the formula. Just another big pharma being greedy. Plenty more companies acting the same. But this does affect all lives and the food supply we share. Its sad n disgusting as well !!

  3. Lani Scott says:

    It won’t accept my email address so I can’t sign the petition!!! F#$!

    • Melinda Gallup says:

      It did that to me. Check to make sure there isn’t a space after your email. My phone used autofill and it put a space after my email, and you couldn’t tell it was there. I hit backspace and it worked.

  4. This isn’t new and sadly big pharma doesn’t care because it will just create food for us to have to eat if they have their way, thereby getting richer.

  5. Won’t accept my e-mail

  6. Margaret Roberts says:

    Something is wrong with it accepting email addresses. Only accepted alphanumeric text. Won’t take @. You’re losing people who are willing to sign.

  7. Victoria Tuggey says:

    While California is on fire, Louisiana is under water, we’ve seen a massive extinction of birds in the Americas and the great coral reef is dying, can we please stop with the neonics, cloths & other cides that are deciding our fate through ignorance and greed? please?!

  8. Rhona LaBruzzo says:

    What, we have to stop doing business with large companies? Fricken Bayer, your off MY list. May you rot for selling this. May you rot for knowing about the problem and selling it. I am hoping and praying for some lawyer to take ALL profits from dangerous products. That I will donate to! Stop the greedy bums.

  9. Cathy Hetzel says:

    Killing bees will end up killing humanity. I suppose you didn’t learn in school that bees pollinate flowers, vegetables, fruit…… you know those things that are essentials to life!

  10. Sven McCraken says:

    You people are gullible aren’t you?

  11. Susan wilder says:

    The petition form is not working correctly. It is confusing my user name and my email, is not accepting my keg intimate information.

  12. Won’t accept any of myemails this petition is a mess….

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