Ban Cruel ‘Udder Flaming’ of Dairy Cows

Target: Rick Smith, President of Dairy Farmers of America

Goal: Ban the cruel practice of “udder flaming” dairy cows.

Udder flaming is one of the many cruel practices the dairy industry partakes in. Udder flaming is when a large flame is passed under a cow in order to burn the hairs off the udders.

If the process is done correctly, the cow is not burned. However, accidents happen and the cows can get severely burned and injured. In addition, this is a terrifying situation for the cows whether or not they get injured. Hair on the udders allows for more bacterial growth, which is why udder flaming is done in the first place.

Sign this petition and demand the Dairy Farmers of America ban this practice. Cows are social animals with real emotions and should not be subjected to this terrifying practice.


Dear Mr. Smith,

Udder flaming is a common practice used among dairy farmers to burn the hair off of cows’ udders. A large flame is passed underneath the cow to burn these hairs.

When udder flaming is done correctly, the cow is not burned. However, the situation is very scary for the cows whether or not they are hurt. With that said, accidents do happen and cows have been badly injured and burned due to this practice.

Udder flaming is a cheap, quick way to get rid of the hair on cows’ udders. It is time these cows are viewed as animals that can feel fear and pain, rather than property and milk-making machines. Please consider banning this cruel practice and finding safer alternatives for the cows.


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  1. Nancy Sabella says:

    Seriously? There must be a better solution to this horrific act. Like try an electric clipper. And do it the right way. Maybe it would be a bit slower, but how would they like their privates scorched? People are so insensitive.

  2. Wow. I can’t even imagine the genius who thought of this and worse…the geniuses that followed suit to make this a common practice. Humans can be so cruel and heartless I am sometimes ashamed…

  3. Janis Forde says:

    Hey, dairy farmers, let’s “under burn” the hair around your scrotum and see how you like it.

  4. Angie Poppell says:

    This is so heartbreaking! Can humans get any worse??!!

  5. Traycee King says:

    What in the actual hell is wrong with ALL of you?! Why don’t you ALSO STOP drinking cows milk?! It IS NOT for us! There are plenty of other foods out there that can give us the nutrients we need… we DO NOT NEED MILK!

  6. PLEASE GO VEGAN!!!!!!! HELP Stop ANIMAL CRUELTY!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. So inhumane. What’s wrong with people??? This needs to stop immediately!! God bless those sweet animals.

  8. What a bunch of lame brains to do this!! I can’t imagine any decent person doing such a cruel thing. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  9. Alice Harrison-Morse says:

    We have become a heartless money hungry country, disolving whatever gets in our way, we destroy, even the very source of our food chain. We deserve to destroyed ourselves for the torture of the animals that service us.

  10. How is it possible that humans continue to find ways to exploit and torture animals??? This has to stop!!!

  11. Janet G Yurkin says:

    Just another example of the cruelty factory farms use in torturing animals for the almighty buck. These people should burn in hell.


    Mr. Smith Try it on your wife first! See if she feels it humane.

    You dumb shit heads.

  13. Linda Reid says:

    This is cruel an inhumane!

  14. Ok seriously? So if the hair on udders causes problems for milking, then it stands to reason the hair around your wife’s nipples cause a problem, too. Try this on her & she what she has to say about it. Bet your kids have serious health issues from nipple hair. How effing ridiculous.

  15. Blair Lynn says:

    I do not eat meat…humans really suck and have zero respect for animals!

  16. Farmer Sam says:

    I had this pop up on my Facebook and figured I’d take a look. I’m a dairy farmer from Wisconsin. My family has milked cows for over 100 years on my farm. We don’t do this on my farm but I have been on many farms that have done this. I will tell you from my experience it doesn’t hurt at all! To show us this, the farmer brought his hand and arm through the flame. All it does is singe the hairs of like if you get too close to a candle or campfire. The flame touches the cow for less than one second but it removes all the hair that can get hold dirt or mud if the cow pretends to be a pig one day. I even tried it and it didn’t hurt! I have used electric clippers to shave off hair but it does take a long time and some cows don’t enjoy it. This only takes less than one second and the cow barely notices! If you have and old sock on you can do the same thing with a lighter. It only singes the stray hair.

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