Investigate Alleged Animal Abuse in Pork Industry

Target: Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan

Goal: Investigate the alleged severe abuse of hogs by pork industry workers.

The pork industry in Illinois, the fourth largest pork producer in the country, is allegedly abusing its animals, and employees are suffering very little, if any, consequences for their actions. The Chicago Tribune uncovered over 20 videos shot by undercover investigators that reportedly show how employees were whipping, kicking, punching, and generally beating the hogs under their care. Demand that the state of Illinois file a formal investigation into the abuse allegations raised by the Tribune.

Thanks to a whistleblower letter written by Sharee Santorineos, the abuses have been officially uncovered and are now being shown the light of day so that everyone can truly see the horrific treatment these pigs are going through. “I seen pigs that are pregnant beat with steel bars,”Sharee said in her letter. “I seen them kicked all over their body.” This sort of abuse defies anything we’ve seen come out of slaughterhouse farms in the past and goes well beyond what is allowed in factory farming.

According to the exposé this sort of abuse has been occurring on a wide-scale level for over 20 years now and only a handful of people were ever punished. Those punishments usually resulted in a small fine or suspension from work and rarely did they ever result in an actual firing. Demand that the state of Illinois launches an investigation into this animal cruelty so that the individuals responsible for committing and covering up this horrific abuse will face the jail time they so rightfully deserve.


Dear Attorney General Madigan,

Animal abuse is being carried out by some of Illinois’ biggest pork producers, according to the Chicago Tribune. It’s time that the state of Illinois file an official investigation into these abuses so that justice is served for these innocent animals. Thanks to a series of undercover investigators throughout the years and most recently Sharee Santorineos’ letter, we are now able to see what has allegedly happened right under the nose of Illinois’ farming regulators for the last 20+ years.

If the state of Illinois were to ignore these horrific abuses and continue on business as usual, that would send a loud and clear message that the state of Illinois sanctions animal abuse on an industrial level. In order to correct these mistakes the state of Illinois needs to launch a full fledged investigation into these crimes and punish any and every person involved in committing the abuse, covering up the abuse, and allowing the abuse to continue. It’s time for the state of Illinois to step up to the plate and prove that it cares about animal welfare by investigating and punishing the individuals responsible for these atrocities.


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Photo Credit: Tim Green

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  1. launch a investigation to get the pig abusers out this place now.

  2. What factory “farms” do to innocent, living beings is CRIMINAL, VIAL, EVIL and MUST END!!!! If these animals were dogs or cats-they would be in JAIL never to be able to be around animals again! WHY Love one and eat the other???!!! Pigs are smarter than dogs, can play video games and open doors. They are sweet gentle animals!
    These vial low lifes need to be fired-put in jail-they have serious mental problems! Many studies show that people who abuse animals also abuse humans and even murder-Jeffrey Dahner, Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, John DeSalvo and others-ALL serial killers-ALL abused animals!!! This MUST NOT continue or be tolerated!
    Also factory “farming” threatens our water, land and our air-it is a major contributor to climate change, deforestation, wildlife “culling” along with ALL the antibiotics feed these animals-we now have superbugs!!! TIME TO END THIS!!!!!
    GO VEGAN and NO one gets killed-better for the animals, health and the environment!!!

  3. sharee santorineos says:

    The abuse I seen is horrific. The time for change is now

  4. Abuse in the pork industry will no longer be tolerated! Punish these animal torturers and murders, now!

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