Fire Police Officers Who Killed Groundhog

Target: Rensselaer Chief Of Police Rick Fusco

Goal: Immediately terminate the two officers who allegedly ran over a groundhog and killed it.

Two police officers were reportedly seen chasing a groundhog all over the course with a golf cart during a police union’s golf tournament in Troy, New York. The two officers then ran the groundhog over, killing it instantly, witnesses say. As a result of this action, the two officers have been suspended and their futures are in question pending an internal investigation. If the officers are found guilty of intentionally killing the poor animal, they should be immediately fired and stripped of their credentials to keep them from ever performing police work again.

One of the first signs of being a sociopath that you learn about is the torturing and killing of small animals. Chasing a groundhog around a golf course in a golf cart then running it over with the purpose of killing it is the behavior of a sociopath. The fact that two police officers engaged in this sort of behavior, let alone one, is the sign of clear sociopath behavior. There is no room in a high stress job such as police work for a sociopath, let alone two. Demand that these men be fired immediately for their absolutely inappropriate and cruel behavior if they’re found guilty.


Dear Chief Fusco,

As I’m sure you know, there is no room in police work for sociopaths. Being a police officer is a mentally and physically demanding job that requires a certain level of empathy, understanding, and respect for life. Allowing two men who were seen actively hunting a groundhog with a golf cart and then running it over to continue to serve on a police force is unacceptable.

The fact this happened at a police union golf tournament is even more disturbing, as that means there were police bystanders just watching this whole terrible action occur. Any police officer that would allow this sort of action to occur and not intervene should not be allowed to serve as well, as that means they are more willing to be complacent and cover for their fellow police officers in the field when they break the law on the job. Just because this incident occurred during a period of recreation for the officers does not excuse their actions at all.

If you find that these men acted maliciously and purposeful in their actions against the groundhog, I highly encourage you to fire them immediately and strip them of their police credentials, rendering them unable to serve as protectors of our society. There is absolutely no room in this country, especially our police force, for sociopaths to run around and do whatever they please.


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Photo credit: Jim Mills

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  1. Special candle for you ? my friend
    Nature treats back now ? Monster
    Take responsibility for your cruelty Live your nightmare now ?
    Higher Justice works now ?

  2. Caroline McCord says:

    These sadistic b@st@rds should be sacked immediately and as for the other “officers” who stood by and did nothing to stop this horrific death of an innocent little animal they too should face some sort of punishment.

    • Marlies Turk says:

      I agree! I always hope that Karma does exist!

    • Yes how do sane people let this happen? The two morons who harassed and killed an innocent creature are mentally ill. These guys should not be officers as they do not have the common sense or compassion of a box of rocks! And if other witnessed this and did nothing I have serious doubts about thier judgment and compassion. Why didn’t other sane decent peop,e stop these stupid fs?

  3. Allow psychos like these, sadistic people like these in the police, and you’ll have more and more innocent people getting killed.

  4. Rosemary Anderson says:

    completely lawless and arrogantly cruel. What vile people these are, they should be sacked if they can act this cruelly and without compassion they shouldn’t be police officers, unless, the county are advertising that only out of control gun toting backward morons should apply to be police officers. Someone should do the same to them. No respect for anything so how can they ever expect respect in return. VILE GITS.

  5. Marlies Turk says:

    Sick persons like this sadistic types should not be in a job like police officer. Is this really possible in the US?

  6. wendala gibson says:

    Too an innocent animals just for the fun of it is sick. And bad enough that these two idiot cops did this is. I should be really scared that these are men to up hold the law. MMM!

  7. Cynthia Mattera says:

    These officers have NO BUDSINESS being policemen. They are sick, cruel monsters and I pray their are fired and are prosecuted to the fullest extern of the law. This poor little ground hog did NOT deserve to be chased and killed. Rest in peace little one 🙁

  8. Terminate the emand alos preferably the lives of these 2 vile, repulsive animal murdering yank oinker pig cops.An eye for an eye.


  10. Cynthia Howell says:


  11. Please do not allow irresponsible officers to taint the wholesome image of good policing. Excessive use of force, including rough treatment, severe beatings, unjustified shootings and unnecessary killing of animals and family pets by police officers are serious misconducts that would persist and repeat if they are swept under the carpet, overlooked or mishandled. The 2 officers are sociopaths and clearly they do not belong in the police force.

  12. Rensselaer Chief Of Police Rick Fusco, New York, U.S.A.


    Immediately terminate the two sociopaths/officers who allegedly ran over a groundhog and killed it. Thanks to this WORLDWIDE PETITION, we demand that these men be FIRED immediately for their absolutely inappropriate and cruel behavior if they’re found guilty. THANK YOU.

  13. Fire these bully cops that terrified and murdered the poor defenseless ground hog, now! We demand justice for this worthy animal!

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