Commentator Must Apologize for Implying Obama is not a U.S. Citizen

Target: Corey Lewandowski, CNN commentator

Goal: Publicly apologize for implying that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

In yet another on-air disaster, CNN commentator Corey Lewandowski has sparked outrage by questioning the citizenship status of President Obama in a recent interview. The former Trump campaign adviser revisited the infamous “birther” movement by questioning whether Obama was a U.S. citizen at the time of his admission to Harvard University.

The comments were made in response to his interviewer’s remarks about Trump’s involvement with the birther movement. Rather than acknowledge the ridiculous and disrespectful nature of “birtherism,” Lewandowski wondered why Obama had not chosen to release his Harvard transcripts. These cringe-worthy remarks were made shortly after CNN chief Jeff Zucker had defended the network’s decision to hire the controversial commentator. This decision was heavily criticized and many have urged CNN to fire Lewandowski, making his recent comments all the more humiliating and outrageous.

Lewandowski has made an embarrassment of himself and CNN with these blatantly inappropriate accusations. Demand that he apologize for insulting President Obama and conduct himself more professionally.


Dear Mr. Lewandowski,

Your recent on-air comments about President Obama’s citizenship were nothing less than shameful and disrespectful. Despite the fact that President Obama proved his citizenship long ago to discredit the so-called birther movement, you chose to question his place of birth. Your comments were completely inappropriate and had no place in a professional, political setting.

You were hired by CNN to serve as a political commentator, not to make wild, unwarranted accusations. It is your job to behave professionally, even when your political candidate is being criticized or questioned. Your behavior is unacceptable and you should issue a public apology as soon as possible. For the sake of your own reputation as well as CNN’s, apologize to President Obama for insinuating that he is not a natural-born U.S. citizen.


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One Comment

  1. angelinaq mendoza says:

    This petition is ridiculous how do you force someone to apologize for stating his truth of this matter. I agree he is not natural born citizen since his parents are foreigners, and OB spend his youth in Indonesia, Michelle gives a speech and clearly states OB and her where in Kenya “Obamas home town” None of the presidents care for this country or it’s people!! All they do is force more laws onto the Americas and the indigenous, guilty of genocide to the people destroy earth and restraining us from our free will, how about you start petition to force Obama to tell us what he knows about the depletion of planet H-Earth, the drilling, mining, for natural resources and then selling it back to natural born natives of the lands all across the world. And to tell us where the gold is to back up the paper money, and why he has incorporated or his colleagues have incorporated United States of AMERICA hence AMERICA that part seems to be kept out of the countries name not just U.S… their goal is to turn the Americas into one huge scientific research lab for humanity, they have already hidden truths from us Colonized, deceived humanity for way to long your foreign leaders, rulers, the so called royalty, want earth for themselves and to continue the depopulation of human beings. So this is why I will not the petition, start one on stop drilling and building in America, we are close to extinction.

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