Ban Hunting Photos from Social Media

Target: Tom Wheeler, U.S. Federal Communications Center Chairman

Goal: Ban the posting of trophy hunting photos from social media websites.

Trophy hunting is enough of a cruel atrocity, but it is even worse when people post photos on Facebook and other social media sites depicting their kills for the sake of applause and praise. This only furthers the argument against sport hunting, not only does it rob animals of their lives but humans see them as nothing more than trophies, objects to conquer and brag about on the internet. Among the biggest victims of this cruelty are lions, tigers, elephants, buffalo, and deer, shot and killed solely for glory.

This is possibly even worse than the old tradition of mounting the heads of hunted animals on one’s wall as trophies, because photos posted on the internet will be seen by the entire world within seconds. The killers of these animals are essentially bragging to the entire world about their slaughter of already endangered species such as tigers and elephants.

Trophy hunting should be a crime overall, but we must especially focus on this particularly cruel aspect of it. Social media sites, Facebook and Twitter especially, should be made aware of just how inhumane such displays are and enforce a ban against them; it feels inconsistent that they will ban other atrocities such as gory murders and child pornography, but will allow people to show off the murder of wild animals. If the display of hunting photos is banned, it may just be the big step we need to further discourage trophy hunting. Sign this petition to help ban the display of murdered animal photos on social media sites.


Dear Mr. Wheeler,

Hunters are posting celebratory photos of their conquests over nature on social media sites, showing off the endangered animals they have killed. This is cruel, inhumane, and only encourages the spread of trophy hunting. Innocent animals are dying every day for the sake of bragging rights. Lions, tigers, elephants, buffalo and other such species are in enough trouble as it is without their killers encouraging more people to go out and thin out the numbers even more.

These animals deserve so much better, not only are their lives being cruelly taken for bragging rights but their deaths are displayed on the internet for all to see. Please encourage social media sites to implement a ban on such displays.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Falense

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  1. any website that supports hunting of any wildlife is not good now for the world now. end these turds who are into this now.

  2. Never going to happen. Hunting for most is an opportunity to provide HEALTHY food for themselves. Also, a time of companionship and bonding with family or friends. Also, you do realize hunting in any form has been engrained in human survival? Im not even a hunter and i realize that.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      You are right…hunting USED to be acceptable for survival when there were no farms, no markets you could get your food at. It’s different times now.
      Companionship and bonding? ok…let me see if I get you right…if we don’t kill togheter for the sole pleasure of it, then we can not bond? you are justifying it the same way drugs are justified, the exact same way.
      It’s WROOOOOONG! period! get your food at the market! Bond with friends and family when camping, playing cards, hiking, cycling, having a drink, dancing, having dinner…you name it! Leave nature alone!

  3. wendala gibson says:

    Hunting for sport is not for man survival. It’s a sport. Hunting to survive is necessary when U live off the grid/land. Posting your kill on web is just narcissistic. Killing endangered species is not cool. Man makes excuses for his cruel and stupid sport. I seen lots of fevered,drooling and drunks before the seasons open just to kill something. Sick.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      Totally agree! It’s not even a sport! There are sports, right? Football, basketbal, chess, rafting, boxing…calling it a sport it’s a very clever way to disguise thier cruel addiction!

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