Overturn Pit Bull Bans

Target: Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia

Goal: Prevent counties from banning pit bulls.

A stray pit bull that recently saved a woman from a knife-weilding attacker had to be transferred out of state for veterinary care due to bred-specific legislation. The pit bull, who fittingly is known as Hero, wound up being stabbed five times in the process of saving the woman’s life. In order to find a home for Hero and to treat his injuries, he had to be transferred to another state, due to several counties in Georgia having strict breed bans on pit bulls. Demand that Georgia overturn the breed bans so that dogs like Hero are able to have a place to live.

Now that Hero has had his lifesaving procedure, has gotten a new forever home, and has been declared an official “hero” by the rescue that saved his life, it’s time we turn our focus to the millions of pit bulls left to starve because they are considered dangerous. Clearly, the idea that pit bulls are violent animals is being proven wrong every day, as this heroic pup stepped in to save the life of a woman he had never met before from a knife-wielding attacker. Tell the governor that such a heroic creature, no matter what species, deserves a loving home.


Dear Nathan Deal,

Pit bulls have gotten a bad rep as a dangerous or vicious animal, mostly due to their long history of being bred for dog fighting purposes. However, we know this to be extremely far from the truth as pit bulls are nanny dogs, gentle giants, and can even be more heroic than most people. When Hero the pit bull saw a man attacking a woman, he jumped into action and saved the woman’s life, but not before the attacker pulled out a knife and stabbed him five times.

Thankfully Hero’s injuries are healing now as he got a treatment paid for by the head of Fighting for The Bullys Pit Bull Rescue, Carla Welch. Now, all the other pit bulls who are just as loving need your help as well. In several major Georgia counties, including La Grange, Trenton, Fitzgerald, Dawson, and Floyd, there are laws on the book that ban pit bulls, labeling them vicious. This is absolutely unfair as we’ve seen many times that pit bulls aren’t dangerous animals, it’s the people that breed them for fighting that are dangerous. It’s time that Georgia step up to the plate and overturn any breed bans in the state, to save heroic pits like Hero from being targeted just for their breed.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Fighting for The Bullys Pit Bull Rescue

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  1. Why are Human Beings so Stupid, It is not the breed its the idiot training the dog… Why is this so hard to understand… Are Humans really that Ignorant???

    • I AGREE WITH YOU 100%

    • yes!!

    • Ugh, look into genetics and the role they play in dogs. Animals bred to fight will fight.
      Even pit bull “experts” agree. http://www.vrcpitbull.net/dog/training/pit-bull-facts/
      How’s that for owner not the breed?

    • I have two pits. I love them very much. But I wouldn’t recommend most people owning one. Acknowledge it or not they’ve been bred for over 200 years to fight and kill. Despite what people think the human aggressive ones were not culled if they were winners. If anything dogs that didn’t fight are the onestthat are culled. Pit bulls aren’t nanny dogs. No dog is by virtue of breed. A nanny dog is anomalous behavior for any breed.
      I completely disagree with bsl. It is ineffectual at best. But I won’t pretend like everyone would do well to have a pit bull.

    • Its not always the owners. In many cases there have beeni bull attacks and the dogs have come feom loving family homes. Not all Pit Bulls that attack are feom bad owners.

  2. Gloria Valle says:

    This dogs are heroes please help him, the community pitbulls we need stay together faith in Jesus name we can make the difference.

  3. sandy holder says:

    So true, they are as vicious as the people make them. Tie them to a tree or a stake in the ground, don’t feed them and torture them what do you expect. All people who are involved in dog fighting should spend at least 10 yrs in jail and not a day less.

    • Cynthia Lydin says:

      Well said I agree

    • Donna&Eddie Manning says:

      I agree,but until we the people fight back through our voteing and do whatever it takes to make a change these monster’s Are slapped on the wrist and let go.We have always had pits you have to be responsible with any animal you have.

  4. I would like to know why only pit bull attacks are an issue? There is no denying they are very strong animals and can deliver a bad bite, however most dogs are capable of this. Not every one needs to own a Pitt Bull just like nor everyone needs to own a rottie or a chihuahua. They are all good dogs. It makes me sick every time I see that a Pitt has to be put down because their owners are irresponsible and don’t need to own any kind of animal. People buy a house throw a dog in the back yd. then ignore it. If u don’t have a secure back yd. don’t get a dog. And if you’re not going to train it and make it part of the family u don’t need a pet. We expect our animals to know more than most people. I have liability insurance on 1 of my dogs. She is a GSD. She’s on the bite list too. I would never tether any of my animals. They are never left outside when I am not home. A dogs behavior always goes back to the owner. ALWAYS!! Leave the pit bull breed alone. They didn’t ask to be here.

  5. Dominic Kawasaki says:

    Not even two lines in I could tell this person is full of shit. Nanny dogs? Really? Anyone and everyone who has googled that knows that the title “Nanny dog” was created in recent history in an attempt to give pits a better name.
    Please. When you do some research into how dangerous these creatures are, let me know. Until then, stop trying to act like you know what you’re talking about.

  6. I am fed up with idiots who believe and enforce dog breed discrimination.

  7. jackie jimenez says:

    People who fight this animals r as ignorant as you can get they should be put in jail and never let out

  8. jackie jimenez says:

    I never thought much of the breed (pit bulls) until I found my MAX he is blue nose pit he is the love of my life

  9. my neighbor has a pit bull and that dog rushes the fence barking and snarling every time any body makes a move. I hate that thing. there have been four different people who have owned that house in 20 years. every one had a dog.. this guy has one other dog besides the pit bull and the pit is the ONLY one that gets vicious any time someone steps within it’s sight. I hate the damn thing and I hate pit bulls.

  10. Edward Sparks says:

    I have a pitbull and he is very long but will protect his owner when needed. Pitbulls are loving animal. My pitbull is my best friend.. It’s all in how you raise you pitbull. I would recommend anyone to get a pitbull !!!!

  11. Edward Sparks says:

    I have a Pittbull and he is full of love for me and strangers. If you raise them the right way you will have a friend for life.

  12. ban the deed not the breed now.

  13. YOU ARE WORSE THAN AN ANGRY PITBULL – YOU DESERVES NOT TO LIVE WITHIN CIVILIZED SOCIETIES – Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be caged for their whole lives! Or not?

    Stop & pursue this deformity  –  instantly!

  14. Pit Bulls are NOT bad dogs and are NOT dangerous they are good dogs. My youngest son had one when he was 15 and she was the sweetest thing ever but because they are banned in Kansas City, Kansas the so called authorities shot and killed her right in front of us. They deserve to live too just as much as anything else they are God’s creations too. It’s the people who are to blame.

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