Stop The Exploitation of Animals by Zoos

Target: Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Stop the exploitation of exotic animals by roadside zoos and other related venues.

Exotic animals are being held captive and displayed to the public against their will by trainers and business owners who have little regard for their well-being. People who own roadside zoos, drive-through safaris, and other such venues only wish to make money off of these animals, charging fees for tourists and visitors to gawk at them while they are stuck in cages or aquariums with little space to move. The care and well-being of the animals is a low priority compared to the profit made from showing them off to tourists.

Petting zoos in particular are a problem. The animals and their confined living spaces are a hotbed of E. coli bacteria that can quickly spread among animals and visitors. There have been reports of tourists attacked by the animals, most likely due to the animals not wanting to be touched or in close proximity to humans but being forced to anyway.

There are reports of false sanctuaries being built, where the owners claim the animals are being kept in a safe space while forcing them to interact with humans and breed to produce more of their species, all for the sake of a profit. True animal sanctuaries do not allow visitors inside.

Exhibitions and businesses like these are, overall, exploiting exotic animals whose lives and homes are already in peril due to poaching, hunting and deforestation. These creatures have suffered enough without the indignities forced upon them by zoos and false sanctuaries. Sign this petition to put a stop to this exploitation so that these animals can live in peace.


Dear Mr. Vilsack,

Roadside zoos, petting zoos, and false animal sanctuaries are forcing exotic animals into captivity for the sake of a profit. Their owners keep them in cramped quarters, put them on display for people to stare at and give little thought to their health and well-being. Animals who live in such places are often depressed, sick and listless due to being deprived of fresh air and freedom. They have been reported to attack tourists, and their cramped quarters encourage the spread of bacteria, resulting in the spread of illnesses.

Many of these exotic creatures are already in peril due to poachers, hunters and the destruction of their habitats. Their numbers are dwindling, and they are not likely to live much longer if they are kept in captivity. Zoos and false sanctuaries exploit these animals, and we must put a stop to it. Please implement laws demanding the owners of such venues free their exotic species so that they might live longer and fuller lives.


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Photo Credit: Grant985

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  1. Zoo’s are Animal Prison these animal are innocent yet they spend their whole life in their animal prison !!! humans do NOT want to be confined soooooo why do you think its OK to do it to animals ANIMALS MATTER all animals MATTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. close all zoos that practice captivity on the great wildlife.

  3. Elizabeth pagliarini says:

    Zoos are not something we as people want or need!The abuse is absolutely horrible! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL CAGED TWENTY FOUR /SEVEN!OUTRAGES !HELP TO MAKE A CHANGE, SIGN THE PETITION!

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