Protect the Hippopotamus From Extinction

Target: Michael Bauer, Chief Financial Officer of the World Wildlife Fund

Goal: Protect the critically endangered hippopotamus from extinction by calling more attention to the plight of the species.

Among the many animals on the critically endangered list, the hippopotamus tends to slip under the radar compared to animals such as whales, elephants and tigers. It is a shame, because this species is also being hunted to near extinction. Some hunt them to prevent conflict despite the fact that hippos can easily be kept at bay with low fences or ditches; in reality, it is likely that the real reason they are hunted is for their valuable fat and tusks. In addition, their homes are being encroached upon by humans so that houses and business districts can be built for the growing population.

While hippos are aggressive creatures by nature and are considered dangerous due to their habit of attacking humans, they are still living creatures who do not deserve to be killed or have their homes taken away from them. If hippos had a safe space, they would be less likely to attack humans, and if we were to build more low fences and dig ditches they would not try to cross those barriers.

It truly is a shame that these animals are being hunted and pushed out of their natural habitats, and an even bigger shame that their plight is not as public as that of other endangered species. All animals on the brink of extinction deserve equal attention and protection, so we must not only put a stop to the hunting of hippos and the destruction of their habitats, but call attention to the fact that their numbers are dwindling more and more every day. Sign this petition to help protect these animals from extinction.


Dear Mr. Bauer,

The hippopotamus is in grave danger of extinction, and very little attention is being paid to this fact. People are hunting the hippo for its fat and the ivory in its tusks, as well as encroaching on their habitat to build houses and businesses.

We must not only put a stop to the poaching and preserve as much of their habitat as we can, but we must also make the public more aware of this problem and encourage them to spread awareness. The hippo deserves to live its life in peace like any living creature. Please help to spread this awareness so that we may protect this species from being completely wiped out.


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Photo Credit: Cliff

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  1. must send in the troops to protect the wildlife now. fight fire with fire now.

  2. Lisa Zarafonetis says:


  3. carol davidson says:

    Also go after those idiots who practice and use these and other animals in their “magic medicine”!

  4. Years ago a friend dealing in art was approached by a dealer who would have been able to supply hundreds of hippo teeth per month. They were used for miniature carvings, some would have been carved. Thankfully my friend said no. When he reported it to CITES he was told that they are not on the endangered list thus took no action. When he followed up a few weeks later he was told not to worry. CITES has a few black marks in my book. This is one of them. The other is lifting the ban on killing elephants in Africa which coincided when China “moved” into Africa’s resources.

  5. Maria Mahyorova says:

    Guys, you really think WWF, who praised Canadian seal culls, cares about animals? Forget this useless organisation.

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