Save Cats From Poisoning by Olympics

Target: Steve McIvor, CEO of World Animal Protection

Goal: Save cats from fatal poisoning in Rio de Janeiro.

A group of stray cats are in severe danger at a Rio de Janeiro airport in Brazil as the city prepares for the Olympics. These animals are considered pests, but rather than simply taking them to a shelter or a safe place to be cared for, people are leaving out poison in attempts to kill them. Two cats have already been reported dead, and many more could follow.

While it is understandable that the city would want to clean up for such a large, important event, killing stray cats is a disgusting, inhumane method of doing so. These cats may be dirty, but they are still beautiful living creatures who have every right to be alive. People are leaving food laced with poison because stray cats will eat anything, which is cruel manipulation and trickery of the animals. Poisons such as these are also extremely dangerous to wildlife and even people, as they can contaminate food chains and water. Furthermore, it is reportedly a slow-acting poison which causes the animals to suffer before they finally expire.

A team of rescue workers is on its way to help save these animals, but more needs to be done. We must establish legal protection of these cats, ensure that whoever wishes to kill these animals will be punished accordingly. Animals should not have to die just to keep a city clean. Stray cats deserve a place to sleep and feel safe, not to be tricked into ingesting poison. Sign this petition to help implement a law to protect more cats from a gruesome fate.


Dear Mr. McIvor,

A group of innocent stray cats in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are in severe danger of dying slow, painful poisoning deaths at an airport, and two already have succumbed. People are putting out food laced with poison to get rid of them, as they are thought to be dirty and are not wanted lingering in public places during the Olympic games. However, being dirty and underfoot is never a valid reason to kill a living creature.

We need you to work to implement a law against the slaughter of defenseless animals in Brazil. Stray cats have the right to life, and should be taken to a shelter or a rescue center rather than killed just to take them out of the way. Even if every cat is rescued before they can be killed, steps must be taken to prevent such a thing from happening in the future. Please help to make poisoning stray animals a criminal offense.


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Photo Credit: Eric Sonstroem

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  1. Renate Ingelsheim says:

    That city Rio has many many homeless people and they are also dirty pests. Do you have them to poison too ? No-o-o !! Sterilize and neuter them together with the cats !! That cleans up.

  2. Barbara Dominguez says:

    When some one gets an animal it should be spayed or neutered or you do not get the animal. It is not the animals fault it’s the persons fault,, stupid people,,, how dare you harm these innocent animals in such a painful way

  3. must help the animals ,killing is the easy way .

  4. Freaking humans have no respect nor consideration for animals. Cleaning up the city by getting rid of the strays to create a good impression? You have already tarnished your own image by being so unkind to your animals you morons!

  5. Absolutely disgraceful act! I agree with Goh SL you have done yourself harm already by doing this. the world is watching Rio and if killing stray animals is part of it, then I’m pleased I won’t be there! Find another solution to the problem – this isn’t the answer!

  6. I agree, TNR is a better resolution. Poison is a cruel death for these precious kitties.
    Maybe these SCUMBAGS should take the poison instead. Being a waste of human meat that they are!!!

  7. Overpopulated countries have little or no regard for animals in spite intense religious beliefs.

    It would be great to see Rio to step up and proof me wrong! God gave life to all, even the humble cat.

  8. J. C. Cranford says:

    I will be boycotting the Rio Olympics. I will not watch one minute nor will I support any of the sponsors. This is sickening.

  9. Again, the answer humans come up with to almost any animal problem is killing. Try and prevent animal overpopulation instead. But killing is easier. Very scary attitude.

  10. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Shame on you!!!! Stop killing these cats just to save face and “clean up” the problem. Instead, welcome rescue groups to neuter/spay and vaccinate. Dont just murder these poor cats. They are just trying to survive!!!

  11. if killing equals “cleaning up” then clean yourselves!

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