Punish School Forcing Trans Students to Wear Identifying Bracelets

Target: U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Goal: Investigate school that allegedly made transgender students wear green bracelets to identify them as trans.

A Wisconsin school has reportedly been forcing transgender teens to wear identifying bracelets so that staff would be able to identify them as being trans. This evokes a disturbing image of the former Nazi Germany in which Jewish individuals were required to wear identifying arm bands. The students of the Kenosha Unified School District targeted by this policy are understandably concerned that the bracelets will encourage stigmatization and harassment.

A transgender boy attending school in the district has filed a lawsuit against it for this and for allegedly refusing to let him lodge with other boys during school trips, repeatedly referring to him by his birth name and with female pronouns, not letting him run for prom king, and for using security guards to ensure he didn’t use the boy’s restroom. All of this is in clear violation of federal rules against gender discrimination, which were recently expanded to include discrimination of transgender people.

This discrimination and harassment of trans students is downright dangerous. The boy in the lawsuit has already faced medical issues from avoiding going to the bathroom and is much more likely to face bullying and assault from fellow students. Sign our petition to demand that the U.S. Attorney General launches an investigation into this school district and issues appropriate punishments if it’s found to be guilty.


Dear Attorney General Lynch,

A transgender teen recently had to file a lawsuit against his school district for alleged discrimination and mistreatment on a disturbing level. The suit claims that this boy has been subjected to bathroom restrictions, refusals to let him lodge with other boys on class trips or run for prom king, and the constant use of his birth name and female pronouns.

Perhaps the most disturbing allegation is that transgender students have been forced to wear green bracelets so that staff can identify them as trans. This clearly exposes these teens to an increased risk of bullying and general harassment.

All of these actions are also clearly violations of the Title IX rules against gender discrimination. The Kenosha Unified School District needs to be investigated for all of the things outlined in the lawsuit and anyone found guilty of violating Title IX needs to be severely punished.


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Photo credit: Women’s eNews

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    Without clothes.
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    Anyway it’s nothing female – it’s tradition, these stupid dresscodes of society…. It has nothing to do with transender or gay.

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    And men… Never. They are always shown neutral…..

    There is no equal treatment of genders.
    If we would do so, there would be nearly no so called ‘transgenders’.

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