Drop Charges Against Activist Who Helped Close Controversial Tiger Temple

Target: Phra Visuthisarahhera, Abbot at Wat Pha Luangta Bua Yannasampanno

Goal: Drop charges against woman who saved nearly 150 tigers from cruel captivity.

Defamation charges have been laid against an activist who helped close a controversial tiger temple in Thailand. According to the suit, Sybelle Foxcroft, director of Australian non-governmental organization Cee4Life, made false allegations about what went on in the temple. In particular, temple abbots claim that her investigation’s allegations that tigers were being sold illegally across borders were both misleading and damaging.

Foxcroft conducted two separate investigations into the temple, both of which uncovered cruelty. The investigations alleged that temple administrators were trading tiger parts across international borders. The documents also alleged the disappearance of three tigers from the facility in 2014, again hinting at illegal wildlife trafficking. National Geographic recently used information from these reports for its own exposé, which brought the issue to worldwide attention.

This cruel temple has since been closed by police. All of the animals were removed within a span of a few days and re-homed to sanctuaries across Thailand. Authorities found preserved tiger parts in jars, tiger pelts, tiger jewelry, and even some endangered birds on the premises as well. The government is currently seeking to seize 80 percent of the temple’s land and redistribute it to farmers in need.

Considering the atrocities that took place at this temple, it was right to have been closed. Now, we must protect the investigators and activists that made the closure possible. Sign the petition below to demand that all charges are dropped against Sybelle Foxcroft.


Dear Abbot Visuthisarahhera,

Charges have recently been laid against activist Sybelle Foxcroft on behalf of Wat Pha Luangta Bua Yannasampanno. These charges allege that Foxcroft, a director of an Australian animal welfare organization, defamed the temple with her two investigations into the temple’s reported cruelty. These investigations reported links between the temple and the illegal wildlife trade.

During a police raid on the temple, authorities found tiger pelts, tiger parts stored in jars and labeled in English as if for sale, as well as hundreds of pieces of jewelry featuring tiger skins or teeth. It is a fair conclusion that these items could be used for illegal sales. We, the undersigned, demand that you drop this frivolous charges against Mrs. Foxcroft.


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Photo credit: Hanna Boehm0

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  1. Manel Dias says:

    Under any circumstances a Temple should not have being keeping any Animal as for the purpose of profiting. It is against the Religious beliefs. Specially with the Buddhist religion.

    Inhumane practices doesn’t go with the Buddhist philosophy. It is a shame that these Temple priests violated the Animal welfare and obviously, another living beings freedom and happiness.

    “Every act of Cruelty towards any Creature is Contrary to Human dignity” —– Pope Francis—

  2. Update your information if you are under the impression these tigers have been rescued (there is no such thing as a thai sanctuary). The military facility are a nightmare, tiny concrete cages with no exercise or enrichment these animals will never see the light of day or feel the grass under their feet or have companions as they consistently did in tiger temple after retirement from the public. This cunt deserves to be locked in the cells where she put her precious tigers.

  3. Hollie Hollon says:

    What??? These charges are insane and must be dropped now. If not we will boycott your country, your products and will not spend our money there.

    NO TOURISTS=NO TOURIST $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    The whole world is watching so please reconsider your decision and drop charges against Miss Foxcroft now.


  5. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    How could Sybelle Foxcroft be accused of defaming the temple when all the evidences were in place when the ‘matter’ was investigated?
    1) “These investigations reported links between the temple and the illegal wildlife trade.”
    2) “During a police raid on the temple, authorities found tiger pelts, tiger parts stored in jars and labelled in English as if for sale, as well as hundreds of pieces of jewellery featuring tiger skins or teeth.”
    So what are you accusing this lady of, she told the truth?

  6. Janet Knowles says:

    If your organization were truly “religious” in nature, Ms. Foxcroft would be honored as a heroine. Unfortunately, greed is usually the order of the day, and it sounds as if that was the case here.

  7. Stop the denial and own up to your sinful act. Drop your charges against Sybelle Foxcroft who is a godsend to expose your organization’s ugly pretense for doing good and being kind to those innocent tigers for years. Your organization should be PERMANENTLY SHUT DOWN because it is time to redeem your souls. As for the rescued tigers, given a 2nd shot at life, I truly hope that they would be rehomed to safe sanctuaries as natural as possible to their habitat where they can be free and happy instead of being locked up again in tiny concrete cages.
    It’s also high time the authority do something that it should have been done a long time ago and i.e. to enforce effective and harsher sentencing as punishments for animal abusers and implement animal welfare rules to protects its animals and wildlife. Cat/dog meat trades should also be made illegal and banned forever.

  8. carol davidson says:

    Not so “god-like” now are they???

  9. Tom Gatehouse says:

    People really should check out sybelle a little more extensively. She did not rescue the cats from tiger temple. They do not now live on sanctuaries. Far from it!
    Please make sure you know ALL the facts before passing judgement.
    The cats lives are now horrific. Sadly that fact does not fit with her fairy tail super hero image. Conveniently for her their reality and future has been ignored. The temple cats are now exposed to the very worst consequences Asian attitudes hold for valuable captive Tigers. Shame on you sybelle, you have blood on your hands. Research will show you were they are now and the constant stress they are under and the dreadful open facial injuries they have as a result of her “heroic rescue”
    The video footage is all there to be seen. If you bother to see the truth.

  10. She hasn’t really ” saved them”. She is not investing money in them, nothing, hasn’t even seen them for years… Talk talk talk…

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