Shut Down Animal Park After Woman Was Killed By Tiger

Target: Chen Jining, Minister of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Shut down the animal park where yet another visitor has been killed after being mauled by a tiger and send remaining animals to a sanctuary.

A woman was mauled and another fatally attacked by a tiger after they exited their car at a drive-through animal park. In just the latest fatal incident at Badaling Wildlife World in Beijing, China, a woman who exited her car was mauled by a tiger and her mother, who attempted to rescue her, was killed by the animal. This occurred in an area of the park where visitors drive their own vehicles through a Siberian tiger enclosure, an undoubtedly unsafe and perilous attraction.

Several human deaths have taken place at the park. Seven years ago, a young man was killed by a tiger in the enclosure  Two years ago a security guard was also fatally attacked by a tiger, and earlier this year a park employee was killed by an elephant.

Moreover, the number of wild tigers in China has fallen to a little over 20 individuals, and such parks do little to help wild populations recover apart from profiting from keeping tigers and other animals captive. Critics also say such facilities are sometimes used as cover for the illegal trade in animal parts. Sign this petition urging authorities to shut down this park profiting from keeping wild animals captive and putting the public at severe risk of harm and death.


Dear Minister Chen,

The latest fatal attack at Badaling Wildlife World in Beijing proves that this dangerous facility must be shut down once and for all. Not only does this place keep wild animals captive for profit, it puts its visitors in grave danger of being injured and killed. At least three other people have lost their lives at the park, proving that it is a hazardous place.

Additionally, with just over 20 wild tigers left in China, this park should be rehabilitating its resident animals rather than keeping them captive for profit. Keeping frustrated and imprisoned wild animals in such close proximity to human visitors is a recipe for disaster and Badaling Wildlife World should be immediately closed down. Please ensure this dangerous facility is shut for good and all resident animals sent to suitable sanctuaries.


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Photo credit: CCTV

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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    Human beings need to stay away from animals, who are “imprisoned” outside of their natural habitats. Furthermore, zoos, circuses, and aquariums should be outlawed!!

  2. People……DONT TAKE SELFIES IN A ZOO DRIVETHRU!!!! Omg, how stupid are these idiots. You get what you deserve, when you cage wild animals, and then us them for profit…….this is bound to happen. Selfish stupid Moronic human beings.

  3. Caroline McCord says:

    Why the hell are these people getting out of their cars in an area that is basically a safari park,common sense dictates that you remain in your vehicle when driving through an area where there are free roaming wild animals, these people must have a death wish and if not they must be extremely stupid. The tigers are not to blame for what they did as it is in their genetic make up to attack and kill they don’t know what they can attack and what they can’t.

  4. Debbie Watson says:

    Maybe the tigers are getting even for all the tigers murdered for chinese medicine, and all the other horrendous things chinese people do to animals.

    • My thoughts, TOO. These dear animals don’t WANT their freedom taken away from them, so they’re probably hugely PISSED and heartbroken even at the best of times…and who can blame them???!!

  5. Charlann Kable says:

    It is a drive through park…why would you ever exit your vehicale. You cannot blame the animal or the park for people who do not follow the rules and don’t have any common sense.

  6. Let these Chinese imbeciles die out of their own sheer stupidity. I have seen, first-hand, their citizens’ (as tourists) self-absorbed audacity acted out in my own country, e.g. putting a TODDLER on a wild, female elk’s back (and right next to a well-trafficked roadway), just to get a stupid picture, putting both the baby AND elk at huge risk! In fact, all of China should just die, it’s such an abysmally horrendous place. Who needs these sorry wastes of space?!

  7. leung kwong says:

    Tourism in china is a joke they have no compassion for animals but are becoming aware now through social media and the petitions are beginning to have an impact here in Asia So thank you and will always Sign & Share. I want Asia to wake up and have more love & Compassion for animals!

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