Put an End to Undemocratic Superdelegates

Target: Amy Dacey, CEO of the DNC

Goal: Stop superdelegates, who can skew delegate counts in elections.

The purpose of the primary elections is to send various candidates from the major national parties around the country for six months and have each state vote for who they feel is the best candidate to represent the national party during the Presidential election in the fall. Each state has a designated number of delegates, who are effectively representatives of the county electorate, who then cast their vote for who they feel is best suited to represent the party. Then there are superdelegates, who submit their votes before the primaries even begin, thus undermining the whole process of the primaries. It’s time to put an end to this unfair system so that the American people are able to choose their own leaders.

Superdelegates announce who they’re going to vote way ahead of the actual voting process and every media agency reports them as having already voted. So throughout the entire primary process, it seemed as though Hillary Clinton was hundreds and hundreds of delegates ahead of Bernie Sanders, despite the fact that the actual number was always within 200-300 delegates, rather than the 600 that were displayed in every delegate count.

Even when the popular vote is in favor of Bernie Sanders, the superdelegates pledged their support to Hillary, completely ignoring the will of the voting populous. In a democratic society based on the votes of all people, rather than just a few, it’s completely unacceptable that we allow delegates that have more voting power than the actual citizenry. Superdelegates wind up deterring more voters than they inspire, creating a slant on the primary results that appears to lean the results in the favor of one candidate over the other, even though they haven’t technically voted yet. Demand an end to this undemocratic process.


Dear Amy Dacey,

It’s been made painfully clear that the role of superdelegates in the election process has only impeded democracy rather than enforce it. Hillary Clinton was declared the nominee for the Democratic Party before California, the largest delegate block, had even voted. The only reason Hillary was declared the nominee was because of her delegate total, including superdelegates, who don’t even vote until the Democratic National Convention. So why include votes that haven’t even been cast yet in a final tally?

The reality is that if superdelegates weren’t a part of the delegate count, than the race between Bernie and Hillary would have been much tighter. There were many reports of voters being discouraged to vote because of the delegate counts, which included superdelegates. So not only are delegates that haven’t even voted yet influencing the total delegate count, they influenced voters to not vote because of it.

The Democratic Party prides itself on being made up by the people and for the people, so why do they embrace policies that look more like an oligarchy than a democracy? This type of behavior is not acceptable in a country where the main political backbone is the will of the people. We, the people, demand an end to the process of superdelegates, so that every vote matters, rather than a handful of “super votes.”


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Photo Credit: Lee Camp

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