Justice for Innocent Black Man Tasered by Cops

Target: Chief Joseph H. Lumpkin, Sr., Chief of Police of Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department

Goal: Suspend cops who misidentified and used excessive force against an innocent man.

Yet another case of cops using excessive and unjustified force has emerged in Savannah, GA where an innocent man was tasered by officers after being misidentified. Body cam footage shows the man, Patrick Mumford, being approached by three cops executing an arrest warrant. The problem is, the warrant was for Michael Clay, not Patrick Mumford. Obviously confused, Mumford told the cops his name and asked why they were trying to arrest him. After repeatedly asking why he was being arrested and asking to see the warrant that they supposedly had for his arrest, Mumford was tasered not once, but twice.

Only 38 seconds passed between the time that the cops approached Mumford and the moment that the lead officer gave the command to taser him. The footage clearly shows that, in those 38 seconds, Mumford was never once asked for his ID, though the officer insisted to witnesses that he had asked for it multiple times. Rather than apologize for making the embarrassing mistake of confusing Mumford for Clay and failing to ask for identification, the officer charged Mumford with obstruction. The charge could cost Mumford his job, as he was on probation for a non-violent drug crime.

These cops’ failure to do their jobs should not jeopardize an innocent man’s safety, livelihood, or record. Demand that the officers responsible be suspended without pay by signing the petition letter below.


Dear Chief Lumpkin,

Your years of outstanding service have shown you to be a fair and righteous figure of law enforcement. That is why I am sure you must have been as outraged as I am to learn about the three Savannah-Chatham officers who tasered an innocent man. Patrick Mumford had committed no crime, and had in fact just visited his parole officer. He was trying to be an upstanding citizen and pay his dues for a nonviolent drug crime. Now, because of the irresponsible actions of these officers, he risks losing his job over an unjustified obstruction charge.

As you are probably aware, the officers who approached Mumford were executing an arrest warrant for another man, Michael Clay. However, rather than try to confirm his identity, the officer in charge proceeded to harass Mumford and gave the command to have him tasered without ever asking for his ID. This kind of behavior is an embarrassment to the Savannah-Chatman Metropolitan Police Department and these officers should be rightfully penalized. I ask that they be suspended without pay and be trained once again on the proper protocol for executing an arrest warrant. Concerned citizens are watching Savannah and trusting the people in charge to do what is right by Patrick Mumford.


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  1. Kathryn Irby says:

    It is such unprofessional acts as this that are pissing Black people off within this Country–and rightly so–and I’m White!!! Long past time for cops to either start behaving more professionally or find employment elsewhere.

  2. Innocent??? So you think that this black man was doing a good deed for society and the cops just decided to taser him as they walked by? Come on! When you commit a crime you should not be able to get away with it. If you fight the police for doing their job you need to be tasered. I believe in justice for all…not just some.

    • Michelle M. says:

      Please explain how answering the officer’s questions and asking to see the warrant, which we all have a legal right to do, qualifies as “fighting the police.” Please also explain how this man, who was found guilty of a completely separate crime and was complying with all court orders for that crime, and, at the time of the encounter, was just sitting in his car on his own property, does not qualify as “innocent.” I understand that he is not innocent in the sense that he had committed a crime in his past, but he was most definitely innocent of any crimes (that he did not already pay for/was in the process of paying for) at the time that he was assaulted by these people who are paid by taxpayers, i.e., you and me, to uphold the law and protect American citizens.

    • See you must live the perfect life . Cops do bad things and yes some have NASTY attitudes that cost innocent people a lot , I know ! I also Know there are really decent officers who deserve recognition for their work ! Just like any system it can have a glitch and bad cops are a serious glitch with often terrible consequences and it needs to stop ! I respect the law and I do not think most officers as the kind described here ,but these kind are out there ! BY THE WAY I’M WHITE !

  3. A similar thing happened to me ,I am not black but am a 120 female senior citizen with medical issues and white ,I have NO previous criminal record and was in my own home . I was thrown up against the wall by two 6 ft. tall officers ,arms twisted behind my back and injuring my thumb and wrist .I was arrested for just trying to explain to them a life threatening situation .Later they submitted three different stories and the lawyer I had was useless and disrespectful as well .. I Thank God it was over after court ,but I still have a lie on my record it may not be a serious charge but it is unjustified charge , they should’ve been punished for the lies and abuse they caused ! So uncalled for……….

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