Justice for Pets Abandoned and Locked Inside Condemned Building

Target: Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General of New York

Goal: Ensure maximum penalty for couple who allegedly abandoned pets in a condemned building.

A cat and a pit bull were reportedly abandoned and locked inside of a condemned building with no food or water. Among being emaciated, dehydrated, covered in urine, and suffering from an eye infection, the veterinarian also found litter within the cat’s intestines.

Authorities say that they were in the process of condemning the building, and upon being told that animals were inside, they offered animal shelter services. The owners reportedly refused the services, telling police that they would make proper arrangements for the cat and dog. The following month after the building had been condemned and completely locked up, authorities were told that the animals were locked inside.

Had authorities not been informed about the pets, they would’ve died slow, agonizing deaths. The owners had to have known that the cat and dog would die when they left them inside of a condemned, locked building. They allegedly caused inexcusable damage to these animals when they could’ve taken the offer to take them to a shelter.

Michael Schurick, 68, has been charged with animal cruelty and two counts of abandonment, while a warrant for the arrest of Patricia Townsend was issued for abandonment and animal cruelty. Please help bring these pets justice by demanding that this couple be sentenced to the maximum extent possible if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Schneiderman,

A cat and a pit bull were reportedly left without food or water inside of a building that was locked and condemned. Even after police offered animal shelter services to the owners, they reportedly refused, but police were later informed that the pets had been left inside. They were found covered in urine, dehydrated, emaciated, and even had litter in their intestines.

These animals could’ve died from their owners’ intentional neglect. We urge you to do everything possible to make sure the owners receive the maximum penalty possible, if found guilty, for the unnecessary damages these innocent animals suffered.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jamie Lantzy

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  1. Phyllis Stinson says:

    They did not have to leave them locked in that abandoned building people came to help and they refused. Whoever does the sentencing on this case they knew those animals were in there you just don’t forget things like that give the max and more if possible THEY LEFT THEM TO DIE AN EXCRUCIATING DEATH THESE 2 REPUGNANT. SHOW THE PUBLIC YOU CAN AND WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ACTIONS SUCH AS THIS. I CANT IMAGINE THERE TO BE ANYONE UPSET WITH THE COURT SYSTEM IF SEVERE ACTION IS TAKEN.

  2. sandra mason says:

    I hope that after surviving all of that, they don’t end up euthanized in a “shelter”. I wish I could take the cat, but I am in Indiana and I already have 14 indoor cats.

  3. These monsters must be severely punished. Why would anyone want to let these poor animals suffer so horrifically and for no reason??

    I hope that these poor babies find wonderful loving new homes and they get justice for their horrific treatment.

    These monsters must be jailed, fined a huge amount and banned from having or being around any animals and demand they get psychiatric help as they are sick.

  4. death to these people who left these animals to die now.

  5. Please put the dog and cat up for adoption. Their previous owners must be punished for being so cruel and heartless. Pets are family members too.

  6. Janet Knowles says:

    Shame on these 2 individuals! Yes, serious charges should definitely be brought against them. Who ARE these compassionless people?! It’s doubtful they will change, but at least a hefty fine and some distasteful community service (cleaning out cages at the local pet shelters??) might be a step in the right direction.

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