Stop Murdering Dogs and Bulls at Terrifying Festival

Target: Ollanta Humala, President of Peru

Goal: Outlaw festival that allows dogs and bulls to be viciously attacked and killed by other bulls.

A dog is tied to the back of a bull and attacked by other bulls every year in a religious festival. We need to take action in order to ensure that animals do not have to endure this sick and torturous treatment. After being tied up, the animals are callously tossed into a bullfighting ring before being chased and stampeded by the bulls.

Sadly, disturbing footage of a terrified dog being tied to a bull can be seen online, along with video of both animals bleeding profusely as they are being torn to shreds. Villagers justify the torturing and killing of the dog by claiming that it had misbehaved throughout the year.

Although Peru’s animal cruelty laws state that a person who tortures and kills an animal can be subject to five years in prison, the event, known as la Fiesta de la Virgen de la Asuncion, is not considered to be a violation of the law since it is thought to be a sacred tradition. Demand this outrageous festival be outlawed. Animals do not deserve to be senselessly killed because some people are unable to put such backwards traditions to rest.


Dear President Humala,

Every year a dog is tied to the back of a bull and thrown into a bullfighting ring during la Fiesta de la Virgen de la Asuncion religious festival. Because animals used in this event are savagely tortured and killed, it is important that the event be immediately outlawed.

Since Peru’s animal welfare laws classify animals as “sensitive beings” and were put in place for the purpose of ensuring they are protected, it is absolutely appalling that the tormenting and ferocious killing of animals is legal at traditional festivals. Tying a dog onto the back of a bull because it misbehaved during the year is a cruel and unforgivable act of animal cruelty, as is placing a bull in such a vulnerable situation.

While traditional festivals are considered by many citizens to be sacred, they should not be held if it means that innocent animals will be needlessly tortured and killed. I therefore urge you to do everything in your power in order to ensure that this festival is outlawed. Tradition or religion should never be used as an excuse to condone these types of senseless actions.


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  2. simon rickman says:

    all this done in the name of religion – la fiesta de la virgen – i bet she wouldn’t want to watch or even be any part of this. humans are fucked up. is peru twinned with china?

  3. WTF is wrong with these backward morons. This has nothing to do with religion what kind of religion would allow this barbaric torture of innocent animals. This must be banned and the psychopaths participating in this vile sick torture must be punished. Hope they rot in hell !!!

  4. Deniz Temiz says:

    Oh my god, what the f*** is wrong with the people and cultures in this world????
    This just cannot be tradition…. and if, tradition is just not an excuse! How did they born? Did one day a stupid, bored human wake up and thought “Hey, why not torture animals??”

    I feel so sick reading this…

  5. Zitten jullie nog in de oertijd ? Of zijn jullie psychopaten die er
    vreugde in scheppen als ze iemand of iets pijn kunnen doen.
    Als jullie alleen zo kunnen feesten, schaf dat dan maar vlug af.
    Ik hoop dat de overheid ook verstand en gevoelens heeft.

  6. Sacred my Ass! Some stupid male thought this torture up.

  7. Alice Knight says:

    Where is the respect ? This is a horrible form of entertainment. I wonder the mentality of the government, which allows this and the people who attend. It truly is scary that these attendees receive pleasure from this act.
    I hope they do not own any pets. I would fear for them.

  8. Nothing in this world surprises me anymore. I believe in traditions in all walks of life, but torture, in humanities, utter disregard for all life be it human or otherwise disgusts me. We have dog meat eating festivals in China and other countries, dog fights, cock fights and the list can go on. WHY? Are we so bored that we are starting to have more “fun” watching people and animals suffer. I am not proud of the Peru people letting this happen. Turning a blind eye. Too bad it takes a viral vid to get the ball rolling. I say tie the piece of crap who tied the dog to the bull on the bull and let him bare the brunt of just how much fun that poor animal had.

  9. It’s strange how the word “religion” is used to conduct all manner of evil and perversion. This has NOTHING to do with religion and everything to do with evil, deviant behavior of man.

  10. I wish death on all of these worthless bastards

  11. Peru – always was uncivilised and always will be. Where’s God when she’s needed???

  12. Wendy Burrows says:


    Backward savages trying to justify stupid backward religion so they can enjoy brutality at its worst, invoke any shit “in the name of religion” and your guaranteed a free pass.
    Its just blood thirsty shits wanting to see some poor innocent creatures getting ripped to shreds.
    How about we take a Peruvian baby and tie it to the back of a bull and see just how quick they are to cry foul.
    Fking stupid backward countries should be bombed to shit and gone, GET RID OF THE VERMIN SAVAGES. So tired of dealing with backward freaking morons who cry but its our culture or its our religion. where in the bible or whatever book you deem holy, did it say tie a dog to the back of a bull and watch as both are gored to shit and gone???

    You religious people are the fucking worst offenders of all that is truly sacred. and that goes for ALL religions.
    Religion is evil incarnate. If you don’t have a conscience then there is something wrong with you. why do you need some stupid manmade hogwash fairy story to make you do shit like this???????


  13. Wendy Burrows says:

    Backward savages, from a backward country invoking brutality in the name of a foreign religion.
    How fucked up is that????

    Amazing how you can get away with murder of innocents when you invoke in the name of religion and/or culture!!!

    Since when does any holy book tell you to tie a dog to the back of a bull and watch both get ripped to shreds?
    How about we tie Peruvian babies and children to the backs of bulls, lets see how you like that? No it wouldn’t happen, because we are not sadistic savages who would do such a thing, but YOU, the savages feel that its just find to do such a thing to innocent animals.

    religion – the path of madness, illogical bullshit, but I guess you can get away with anything if you believe in fairy stories. wake up idiots.


  15. Pat Williams says:

    Religion has nothing to do with this. If it did, they would respect and care for these animals, not use them for some sick perverted entertainment. Humans should be ashamed of the cruelty and inhumanity we show toward living creatures.

    • lynn woods says:

      they have no respect or caring for animals they are nothing but a bunch of degenerates that have nothing to do but think up ways to torture animals

  16. What century are these people living in? Remember – we are now civilized. Perhaps we should slaughter them?

  17. Why all these imbeciles in religion or tradition use animals of 4 pwas??? why don’t they use the beasts of 2 paws? Look it was the same. Put a human running with another human can be a child if u prefer, it is such a religion thing must be good for the human related with the sacrifice, so use humans stupid morons. Why don’t do it with criminals?LEAVE OTHER ANIMALS OUTSIDE HUMAN SUTPIDITY.

  18. lynn woods says:

    this has to be stopped the poor dogs must be terrified what brilliant asshole thought this so called sport up leave it to Peru or Spain or Mexico to think these things up cruel cruel so called humans kill kill in the name of sport what a bunch of cruel bastards

  19. Lesley Rodgers says:

    Peru must be a nation of non-human scum who are far below any animal. No animal would do this to another living creature, any who prey on other animals kill them as quickly as possible and do not torture them like this. This is one of the most inhuman, barbaric and horrific things I have had the misfortune to read about.

  20. Gabriela Torres says:

    Humala is no longer president of Peru – both he and his wife have been incarcerated for ‘money laundering’. He’s being investigated for the brutal killing of some natives before his election as president. He is also under investigation for the death of a nephew and of his house aide.
    This is so you know that if the ‘chief of government’ was capable of doing those atrocities — you can’t appeal to his ‘good heart’ … or expect him to have pity on those innocent animals.

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