No More Vegan Diets for Carnivorous Pets

Target: Matthew Bershadker, CEO of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

Goal: Criminalize the feeding of a vegan diet to carnivorous pets.

Recent reports and personal accounts have shown a trend of people choosing to restrict their dogs, cats, and ferrets to vegan diets. This is incredibly dangerous, as these animals are carnivores and need meat to live. Vegan diets rob them of this precious nutrient, especially ferrets, which are already fragile in constitution due to their size and physiology.

People brag about vegan diets, singing their praises as if they were the best and most wholesome thing to happen to any living being. In truth, it can be the exact opposite when it comes to animals. Dogs, cats, and ferrets are not just carnivores, they are obligate carnivores. Not only must they eat meat to survive, they cannot properly digest plant-based food products, especially cats. No vitamin or protein supplement can substitute for the real meat products sorely needed by these animals. Some vets will even frown upon feeding animals a diet consisting solely of dry food, which is not technically dangerous or bad but does not have quite as much protein as canned food.

Several animals have been reported as becoming dangerously ill or even nearly dying due to people switching them to vegan diets. This is not only neglectful, but willfully abusive. It should not only be discouraged, but considered a punishable offense. Pet owners who push their vegan ideals onto their carnivorous pets are actively harming the animals they are responsible for, and should be made to either change their ways or have their pets taken from them. Sign this petition to push for the criminalization of forcing veganism on cats, dogs, and ferrets.


Dear Mr. Bershadker,

There is a trend of people putting their dogs, cats, and ferrets on vegan diets, which is extremely harmful to these animals. They need meat to survive, not just protein pills and vitamins alongside vegan food. This trend has led to poor health and even near-death experiences for these pets, due to their owners’ negligence.

While it seems some of these owners learned their lesson, there are still people who, even after hearing these stories, continue to push their vegan ideals onto their animals. This should be outlawed; it is not only negligent and ignorant, but abusive. All forms of animal abuse should be seen as equally criminal. Please start pushing for the implementation of laws against pet owners forcing vegan diets on their carnivorous pets.


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Photo Credit: Jennifer Barnard

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  1. every humans common sence should be to give cats and dogs meat to eat. vegan is only for us humans. don t be a fool!

  2. Gary Kemp says:

    Do a Google search on “Humans vs Carnivores” or look at the comparative anatomy table in Ashley Capps “12 reasons for going vegan now”. Humans are FRUGIVORES and animal matter stresses and toxifies the system. Cats, dogs, ferrets are all carnivores. I have fed all my dogs and cats on RAW meat, bonés and animal parts for a year now and they are fit, healthy and happy with zero health problems. I NEVER buy meat however. Just go to as many local butchers as possible to ask for scraps and sort them out. Dogs have 10 times as much calcium in their teeth as humans so as to be able to crush bonés which THE MUST HAVE FOR THE MINERALS. Google Carissa´s “Dogs omnivores?”. So many vegan leaders are telling people to feed their carnivore pets vegan food. I questionned Gary Yourofsky about this and he went totally hysterical at me. These people are putting their pets aqt risk. Dogs and cats DO NOT eat vegetable matter in the wild.

    • Jenna Miles says:

      True, but cats also don’t eat many things found in cat food either. I am not saying cats should be vegan, my cat isn’t vegan nor are my foster cats. Dogs are a different story. I would be very comfortable putting dogs on a vegan diet, as they tend to do fine on them. My friend has a vegan dog and the vet thinks the food is great for his pancreatitis, as it is even lower in fat than the low fat vet foods, and his blood work is great.

    • Oh stop already – there are bigger fish to fry – take your time and insist that pet “food” be more nutritious than to punish the small percetange of blind fanatics. By the way, dogs and cats most definitely eat vegetables and fruit – not saying that’s all they should eat per se but some do very well on alternative diets. Do your research before wasting time and find a better more important cause than spearheading a rarity in the grand scheme!

      • Oh sorry, Gary – I’m with you for the most part – I wanted to make a general post and now I can’t go back…

  3. It takes real idiots to try to force animals into a diet that simple research or a discussion with a veterinarian would let them know WON’T WORK, and will likely kill their pet.

    CATS especially are “obligate carnivores”; dogs are omnivorous, like us, and CAN survive on a high protein vegetarian diet but shouldn’t be made to…….

    • Jenna Miles says:

      If a dog can be healthy and happy without hurting other animals there is nothing immoral about it, it isn’t making the dog suffer in any way. Cats are a different story. I am not going to say it is impossible for them, but I would be very hesitant about it.

  4. Maria Mahyorova says:

    I’m vegan but I’d never make my cats go vegan. If they don’t get enough meat they can’t produce antibodies to some viruses – and they die. I’ve lost some cats before I understood that the catfood I fed to them didn’t give them enough meat.
    I offer them vegetables and mushrooms, and they like it. But there’s always some meat food in their plates. Every cat eats a little of vegs, but just as much as they want.

    • Jenna Miles says:

      I have heard of vegan cats who did great, but my cat isn’t vegan and neither are my foster cats. I have looked into it with my dogs, and I would feel fine putting them on a vegan diet as dogs are way easier than cats to keep healthy on a vegan diet, some say it improves their health.

  5. Alexander Hawkeswood says:

    Dogs are omnivores and I think most vets would agree. I have found that sometimes dogs choose to eat vegan dog food instead of meat based dog food when available at the same time. As this could happen most of the time, if canines were given such choices, one could say that dogs shouldn’t be forced to eat meat. But in any case whatever food one gives it isn’t really forcing it’s offering and hunting could be an option to these animals. Dogs like to eat grass and as they really like nuts, maybe they’d eat loads of these if nut trees were around. Vegan dogs tend to live longer, Bramble being a fine example. This border collie, who was vegan since 2, lived to 27. Cats tend to do well on vegan diets and though not completely natural, instead giving them bits of dead animals found in propriety cat foods, who were forced to endure factory farming is what really would be cruel. This cat who visits me has more than likely meat based feline food available but still chooses to eat lots of these vegan cat kibble foods that I offer her. They could substantially increase her life span as they are free of waste products and are very nutritionally balanced with all these healthy ingredients

  6. Jenna Miles says:

    Some dogs and cats actually do fine on a vegan diet, especially dogs. Cats can be trickier, but it doesn’t mean that some cant be healthy on it. My friend has a vegan dog and the vet says they rarely see blood work that good. It isn’t so much about putting vegan beliefs on animals, it is because of what they do to other animals to make pet food, which can include terrible experiments, slaughterhouses, etc. Sometimes euthanized dogs and cats are even put in cat and dog food. My pets aren’t vegan, but I know many animal can be happy and healthy on a vegan diet, dogs at least.

  7. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    Cats are obligate carnivores; dogs are not and can easily live very healthy and long lives on vegan diets.

  8. Natasha Glinsky says:

    Vegans shouldn’t own carnivorous animals because it goes against their beliefs of harming animals. Downed farm animals are sent to pet food factories to be killed or regain some profit for animal farmers. Animals are indirectly being killed for food this way.

  9. cats and dogs are meant to eat meat not plant protein.

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