Stop Hiding Footage From Police Body Cameras

Target: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory

Goal: End the ban on public access to footage from police body and dashboard cameras.

Public access to the footage from police officers’ body and dashboard cameras was recently restricted in North Carolina after Governor McCrory signed a new bill into law. This legislation makes it so footage of police officers making arrests or perhaps shooting and killing a black person is no longer on the public record. It also allows the police to decide whether or not the public will ever see a piece of footage.

The entire reason people fought to require police officers to wear body cameras and have dashboard cams is to keep them accountable after many years of increasing civilian deaths at the hands of cops. There have been many cases of officers telling one story about a fatal shooting and the footage from dashboard cameras or bystander cell phones telling a different one. This bill makes all those efforts pointless as cops can simply decide to keep incriminating footage secret.

It’s been shown time and time again that police officers tend to protect their own before ensuring justice is done for a victim of deadly police brutality. Sign our petition to demand that Governor McCrory work to lift the ban on public access to body and dashboard camera footage of brutality incidents.


Dear Governor McCrory,

Your recent signing of a bill to ban public access to the footage from police body and dashboard cameras is outrageous. The entire point of having these cameras is to keep police officers honest. Due to the high number of incidents in which officers have been caught lying by camera footage that shows and entirely different story than the cop gave, it’s become necessary to require more cameras in order to ensure that justice is done.

The bill banning public access to this footage makes these cameras pointless. If police have a tendency to lie to protect themselves and their colleagues, then the public needs to be able to see footage of incidents of alleged police brutality. Allowing cops to decide which footage is ever released to the public is ridiculous during a time when trust between the police and the public is at an all-time low.

In spite of what you might want to believe, police officers are normal human beings. Humans do bad things, they lie, and they cover up the truth to protect themselves sometimes. Due to the fact that police have so much power over the lives of other human beings, they need to be kept accountable. We demand that you work to reverse this ban on public access to police body and dashboard cam footage.


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Photo credit: Robert Thivierge

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  1. If that is the case then anyone with a camera that captures the incounter should be forced to turn over their cell phones as well. Its ridiculous that people put those kind of things on social media before the investigation can even run its course. That is what is causing all this BLM protesting now. video was put on social media and it was not accurate.

  2. The public should be allowed to view all police body cams and dash cams.

    Something needs to be done also about body can malfunctions also.

    With all the police violence, attacks, and shootings the public should be allowed to view all cameras.

  3. Almost signed it, while I agree that more cameras should be required…you tried to limit to “black people”. It happens to ALL people, even though not ALL people get the national coverage. More people know they lie and tend to use more force than needed. Learn that and you will get more support.

    Second, we all know certain media will show 10 seconds of a 90 second encounter or even edit 911 tapes to show a narrative, to work people up, as riots are good for rating.

    So, release AFTER a complete investigation and REQUIRE the media to show the WHOLE footage.

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