Stop Destruction of Coral Reefs in China

Target: Chen Jining, Minister of Environmental Protection, People’s Republic of China

Goal: Increase protections for coral reefs before they are completely destroyed.

Coral reefs in the South China Sea are being ruined by a double threat of poachers and environmentally destructive construction. More than 60 square miles of coral reefs have already been destroyed, and further damage will continue if action is not taken.

Poachers hunting for giant clams use boat propellers to loosen and break apart precious bivalves. Recent satellite analysis revealed the devastation of over 40 square miles of reef, and such debilitating pressure leaves a reef barren of life. Given the interconnected nature of reefs, damage in one place can have serious consequences for nearby systems.

In addition to poaching, 20 square miles of reef have been obliterated by construction efforts as China attempts to fortify its presence along the sea. The government is involved in multiple island-building activities, and these projects have led to large-scale environmental devastation as workers blast through reefs in an attempt to build islands.

These valuable reef systems cannot tolerate this punishment forever. Sign the petition below to demand greater protections before these systems are lost completely.


Dear Mr. Chen,

I am writing to call your attention to the ongoing destruction of coral reefs in the South China Sea. These vulnerable systems are being ruined by both poachers and construction workers, and unless action is taken, they will soon be lost forever.

Coral reefs are essential to the health of aquatic ecosystems, and economic progress is worthless if it means environmental destruction. Please increase protections for these precious systems before it is too late.


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Photo credit: Kyle Taylor

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  2. Good grief! Asking China to do anything to protect this planet and its inhabitants is a lost cause. While it continues to skins, boils and burns cats and dogs alive, buys almost extinct wildlife from Africa and breeds tigers for its superstitious beliefs etc, it will NEVER protect something as ‘insignificant’ as coral reefs.

  3. It’s bad enough that china stubbornly and arrogantly chooses to defy the ruling of the Hague Court by continuing to occupy rocks that are not hers, but she continues to greedily exploit and destroy not only precious corals, marine life, and endangered species. China is depleting the world’s marine resources by her indiscriminate and shameless abuse of the West Philippine Sea. Shameless is the word! The idea of this imaginary 9-dash line defies reason – it is only for children to believe – a figment of china’s imagination!

  4. Karen Remnant says:

    A country that’s only happy when destroying everything!
    Asking China to protect something is wishful thinking!

  5. Is it worth it with China not giving a toss what they kill or destroy? If there were only one Tiger left on the planet they’d still kill it because a single Chinaman wants an erection!

  6. Cathy hayes says:

    Does China have any environmental groups or does the government push their ideas, their ideologies, their political desires on their civilians? I heard that the majority of Chinese citizens believe that the west is trying to stifle China’s growth. But if they only knew the truth and thought as environmentally thinking people, they would understand. And those in China who call themselves environmentalists, I imagine that their hearts must be breaking.

  7. please save anything for the next generation, d’ont devastate this coral reefs

  8. When u have a population of almost one & half billion (and growing) the Govt. cant worry about anything but human ‘progress.’ Their one child allowed law years ago turned out to be worthless, not to mention all of western civilization criticizing the ‘inhumanity’ of it. Human species will all get just what it deserves, to wallow knee deep in their own dung on a ecologically dying planet.

  9. Nadine brundage says:

    China does not care about saving anything .,they continue to rape the environment ,they are the leaches of the planet. Disgusting and evil, you cannot stop them. Do not buy anything from them.

  10. Cara DeFlorian says:

    People in the West are contributing to the destruction of our Planet as well..Deforestation & Eating Meat, it’s called “Factory Farming” Want to make a difference?

    Do Not purchase anything imported/made in China. Make your voice heard, purchase locally grown foods,Want to save our planet? Stop eating Meat and Recycle…

    Be conscientious of purchases you make!! this is the only alternative I see that will work, We are the people. When we control the food they/we control the people. We are killing our planet because of Greed! Eliminating, for cheaper products made in China! Stop supporting China’s economy. Everyone can do more in addition to signing petitions?

  11. China — you have a huge and growing population. Your country engages in numerous activities that harm the planet (where the rest of us live, too). You have enormous potential for destruction — but I believe you have just as great a potential for positivity. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if China could channel the energy it has from all the people of China, for healing, preserving, and promoting the well-being of all creatures and people with whom it shares the Earth? HEY, CHINA — check your priorities and do some very serious consideration of what your place among us ought to mean.

  12. Asking the Chinese to stop their destruction of their coral reefs is like asking Satan to take up the Bible!

  13. If China doesn’t start a war over their expansionist ambitions their complete and total environmental and ecological irresponsibly will destroy all of us.
    They are destroying and polluting their own country but have shown that when an area becomes uninhabitable they simply move on to another unsullied place or as with power generation, export their destruction elsewhere.
    China’s cruelty towards animals is well-known and can only be considered as Satanic. Their Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, referred to as Yulin Dog Meat Festival is a horrific example of what these people are capable of.
    Chinese medicine is primitive supersitions that is contributing to the destruction of species and the environment.
    And on….

  14. simon rickman says:

    As if the nasty ignorant chinese are gonna listen to us! They dont give a flying duck about anything: what they do care for, they eat. Screw them.

  15. It would be great to see China take the lead and proof the world wrong that they don’t care.

  16. E. Cambridge says:

    China tortures, boils alive and eats cats and dogs, puppies and kittens – pets, who were stolen from back yards. Their dog and cat fur “trade” is equally as horrific and most of those are either strays or stolen. They sell the fur as “mink” on cheap products exported to unsuspecting western buyers. Their zoos are horrendous. The answer? Boycott them. Don’t buy what they export. Don’t travel there. Boycott every other Asia country( Vietnam,Korea, Thailand) who does the same thing.

    • China torturers all innocent animals for consumption.
      Just yesterday I saw a video of the Chinese monsters
      using a large blow torch on a helpless and innocent live baby calf as it struggled to get away. The Chinese bastards just laughed at the poor little calf as he suffered in excruciating agony until the poor little calf took his last and final agonising breath. This is only one of the atrocities of billions of innocent and helpless animals that these vile and sadistic animal torturing Chinese monsters torture to death by the vilest of torture and suffering that these Chinese monsters can commit against the innocent.
      I hate and despise them and pray they are punished severely by the same torture and suffering that they commit against their helpless and innocent victims.
      I actually couldn’t watch the video to the end. It absolutely sicken and upset me knowing that these vile and sadistic animal torturing monsters get away with there sadism and evilness.

  17. simon rickman says:

    The nasty ignorant chinese will be the death of our beautiful planet and every thing that lives on it. They eat anything that moves the rarer the better, the more brutalised the tastier. If we could make them believe that asian human flesh was exotic and endangered they’d want to eat each other – if only i could make that happen.

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