Stop the Rape and Torture of Women by Police

Target: Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, Secretary of Interior in Mexico

Goal: Implement harsher penalties for police and military personnel who torture and rape women.

The Mexican military and police forces have been accused of raping and torturing women in an attempt to gain a confession. Amnesty International released the testimonies of 100 women who claim to have been physically and sexually abused by military personnel while in legal custody. Demand the harshest penalties for this human rights violation.

Suffocation, electrocution of the genitals, and rape are just some of the torture inflicted upon women, reports claim. The torture is allegedly used to get the women to confess to crimes. Disadvantaged women, such as sex workers and single mothers, are often the targets of this torture.

Not one soldier has been suspended for rape or abuse since 2010, yet the abuse reportedly continues. A task force has been established to combat the sexual torture of women, but it has not been utilized. Sign below and take a stand against this abuse of power.


Dear Secretary Osorio Chong,

One hundred women claim that they have been physically and sexually tortured at the hands of military and police personnel. We demand harsher penalties and an immediate crackdown on this abuse of power.

The torture mechanism appears to be selected based on gender. Women reportedly endure electroshock to the genitals, threats of rape against their families, and rape with firearms.

The Ministry of Interior has been tasked with investigating the sexual torture of women. However, little has been done to seek justice. We demand an immediate crackdown on this misconduct and the harshest penalty for all personnel who perpetrate this abuse.


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  1. How does Mexico ever propose to put itself forward on the world map as a civilized country when enven it’s government leave criminal abuse of female prisoners in it’s charge, uninvestigated, unsolved and unpunished? You have a duty of care to prisoners and should apply it. It seems that this unspeakable torture is being used to ilicit confessions to crimes. THAT method went out with the Spanish Inquisition – or is Mexico still praciticing that one on it’s most vulnerable within it’s society? So, these are not even criminals but suspects. Be ashamed Mexico; you treat your animals, your street children and your women sadly, under the government umbrella, in a way which puts you right back in the dark days of the Conquistadores. No lessons learned there, then….

  2. It is appalling that President Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can overlook such atrocities! These two countries should impose boycotts until such injustice is removed forever! There is no excuse, no justification for crimes again these unfortunate women. These rapists even get paid! What a heaven for abusers!

  3. This is why there should never be ONE North American Union between Canada, USA & Mexico! This will open borders thus criminals can move freely, and the currency of such union, the proposed AMERO will dilute the US & Canadian dollar further. Google and research for yourselves, draw your own conclusion. We should observe and learn from the unification of Europe. It does not work. Once the borders opened gang related crimes, and crime in general spiked; however such are not favourite news items.
    The quality of life, strength of currency and trade of prosperous countries like Germany, Sweden etc., weakened in the assumption that a united Europe will prop up those with inferior currencies. Although no country is free of crime, those with high populations and inefficient governing, criminals have a greater stronghold.

  4. Seriously this is the world we live in? People can do so sososososoo much better than this. When will people realize abusing others is abusing yourself too. Inflicting self pain on another is not the answer. And what good is a confession if it a false one tortured out of you? WTH is wrong with people?

  5. Barbara Tomlinson says:

    Implement “harsher” penalties? there seem not to be ANY penalties! This Torture is Standard Operating Procedure. BASIC reforms are necessary, and this is from the TOP DOWN.

  6. Sadly, in some cultures, it’s perfectly acceptable to treat women like objects.
    A family member – who was in the original American Feminist Movement in the 60’s and 70’s – always maintained that, if given the opportunity, all men have the potential to become rapists and abusers. She was right.
    Just amazing how some men use those things as weapons.

    • sweeping generalisation.
      would you also therefore say that all people, male and female, can become abusers if given the opportunity or are men the cause of every problem?

  7. ACAB. True the world over.

  8. Soldiers and those in authority are paid to uphold the law not break them and make their own rules. Disgusting. SHAME MEXICO!!!!

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