Rescue the ‘Saddest Polar Bear in the World”

Target: Guangzhou Ocean and Fishery Bureau in Guangzhou, China

Goal: Rescue the “saddest polar bear in the world” from the Grandview Aquarium located in a shopping mall.

The saddest polar bear in the world remains imprisoned and on display in a tiny aquarium at a Chinese shopping mall. This poor bear, who is being held captive along with five walrus calves, six young beluga whales and two Arctic wolves, is trapped in a “horrifying” enclosure. The bear is forced to pose for selfies with tourists, who bang on the windows and shout at the bear. While shoppers come and go, the bear, and the rest of his fellow prisoners, remain trapped in this “house of horrors.” This poor polar bear may not live much longer in these conditions so we are urgently calling for this shopping mall zoo to send him to a proper sanctuary before it’s too late.

“This bear has no peace and nothing natural to take comfort in. This is a bear that suffers for what? For selfies? For shopping?” said Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale.

Rumors have also been spreading that this zoo has caused the death of numerous animals in recent months and that there is insufficient vet care provided for the animals.

Countless photos and videos show this poor polar bear laying listlessly on the ground while shoppers and tourists bang on the glass seeking a selfie with the bear. This noble and majestic creature deserves better, much better. Demand that the Grandview Aquarium release this captive and abused animal to a proper sanctuary immediately.


Dear Guangzhou Ocean and Fishery Bureau,

The saddest polar bear in the world is imprisoned and abused at the Grandview Aquarium in your city. This poor bear, along with other arctic animals, is trapped in a tiny enclosure that doesn’t come close to meeting the needs of a large cold weather animal. The bear is forced to pose for selfies with tourists, who bang on the windows and shout at the bear. This poor polar bear, as well as his fellow prisoners, may not live much longer in these “horrifying” conditions.

Please open an investigation into this shopping mall zoo, and send the animals to a proper sanctuary before it’s too late.


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  1. Breaks my heart that there is such a low regard for the lives of animals in that country. I hope that younger generations start to think differently and that the rest of the world has some affect in eliminating this torture along with many worse things they do there.

  2. Nardya Colvin says:

    Come on China

    You can do better than this

  3. Why such disregard for living things??? This is animal cruelty and needs to STOP! Have a Heart and do something!

  4. What in the world is wrong with the people of China? There blatant disregard for the lives of animals is absolutely reprehensible. Their butchering, skinning, and consumption of dogs, makes my heart ache and to now see this. We think of dogs as pets and they see them as a food source but to pack them in crates, skin them alive during a festival is disgusting Can that be stopped?

    • Unfortunately, this problem is world wide, including the U.S. How some people treat animals is truly heartbreaking and inhumane! There are so many homeless animals in the U.S. that are killed each day in shelters as there is no more room and nobody wants them. One day, we will be judged at how we have treated our animals, planet, and environment. Humans are the worst and most invasive species to inhabit the earth and we take, take, take and not give back to Mother Earth. All animals deserve better, including animals that people eat. Deplorable conditions in factory farms, it would make you sick to see it. Animals in circuses, confined spaces and abused also makes me sick. Animals are not here on earth for our entertainment, neglect, abuse or for research (sick experiments done on our pets tops the cake). Nuff said, thanks for the rant. I am not a nut, just someone who loves animals a lot.

  5. Free the animals and put your squint eyed self in their habitats you force them to live in !!!!! I hate your country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and your people. STOP KILLING DOGS AND CATS TO EAT ALSO!STOP KILLING ANIMALS PERIOD!

  6. Anna kerruish says:

    Please China, why is it that you come across as soft and tender yet what the world sees of you is exploitation of everything living.
    Please release these animals to what is their true environment. Don’t leave them like this. It is flat out cruel. And those who partake in the exploitation of it are just as cruel.

  7. Michele Armstrong says:

    It’s disgusting to have animals in display like this…we need to be better humans than this

  8. Have these persons not learned what it’s like to be cached themselves???? Then why do they do this to wild animals????

  9. Denise Nieva says:

    Can not believe that this bear is still in captivity at an fn mall !!! This is not acceptable !??

  10. Adrienne Amatulli says:

    This should not be aloud release the bear to a better enviroment

  11. These poor animals are suffering for nothing. This is disgusting, you all should be ashamed of this exploitation. Please stop this immediately and do what you can to stop abuse in other places. It is wrong and you will pay for this evil, one way or the other. Thank you for considering.

  12. I signed this petition earlier this month. Would like to know when will we see the results of our efforts. Please keep updated postings, on the progress of this campaign. Thanks

  13. Really sad and dissapointing .These poor animals he is sad as anything or she bless it’s heart it should be free to join others in it’s world and live a normal life and be able to get porper care and adiquit living of a life with other polar bears this is pure depressing for these animals 🙁

  14. Kathleen Green says:

    Please let this bear go to a more normal habitat. This is an animal cruelty.

  15. Sharon Levine says:

    Change for animals and everyone

  16. Johanna Bettinger says:

    PLEASE PLEASE SAVE THESE ANIMALS FROM SITTING IN A MALL WINDOW!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL. POLAR BEARS NEED TO BE NEAR WATER, IN COLDER TEMPERATURES AND THIS IS F A R from that! They need another companion!! WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE CAPTURED AND LIVE IN A WINDOW, JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE THINK TAKING YOUR PICTURE IS COOL!?!? UNFRIGGING BELIEVABLE! GOT TO A ZOO OR LOOK them up on line, if you want a picture! Wild animals need to be left as wild animals… this, is a prison!!! Even a sanctuary would be better than this! #helpthesadpolarbear #tragic #sad ~Johanna

  17. Lori Dimaiuat says:

    I see this post from a year ago. Could I get the status of this bear and are they still doing this? This is so heartbreaking. I would never visit the countries that treat animals like this.

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