Demand Dog Food Brand Clean Up Its Act

Target: Joseph R. Sivewright, CEO of Purina Pet Care

Goal: Demand the Alpo brand of dog food stop its use of dangerous ingredients.

Alpo brand dry dog food has recently come under fire for reportedly causing severe illness and even death in many dogs. The brand has been around since 1936 and is one of the most well-known dog foods, but only now has it come to light that this brand may contain many dangerous additives and chemicals. People have reported their dogs suffering severe digestive problems, bleeding, and seizures after eating this brand of food, and some dogs have even died from it.

In addition, for something packed with ingredients meant to keep it fresh, consumers have reported it going rancid and attracting worms within just days of opening and resealing the package. This is not the mark of a quality dog food.

Dry food in general is considered inferior to meatier wet food for dogs, but there are still brands of dry food that seem to put more consideration into the dog’s health. This company owes dogs better than what it is giving them. It is time to demand that Alpo stops the use of questionable additives and makes its packaging safer and more reliable. Too many dogs have reportedly fallen dangerously ill or died due to Alpo dry food in the last year; it is time to make sure our dogs are safe. Sign this petition to demand higher quality from this brand.


Dear Mr. Sivewright,

The Alpo dog food brand has reportedly caused many dogs to become dangerously ill and even die. The brand may be well-known and a long-standing name among dog foods, but many consumers have recently reported negative effects on their dogs after feeding it to them. In addition, it apparently does not store well; one consumer reported the food attracting worms and going rancid after just a few days.

This brand needs to phase out its use of questionable additives and chemicals that reportedly caused these dogs’ illnesses and deaths. The packaging needs to be updated to be both ecologically friendly as well as sufficient for keeping the food fresh and parasite-free. Dogs deserve only the best their owners can give them, and Alpo needs to live up to those standards. Start using higher-quality ingredients to ensure the health and well-being of our pets.


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  1. Czerny A. says:

    I have never and would never feed my dogs Alpo brand food. The label is synonymous with cheap fillers, road kill, and rendered animal carcasses–even euthanized shelter animals and dead zoo animals. Unfortunately, many dog guardians don’t think their dogs deserve to eat as well as humans and will buy the cheapest food for quantity, not quality. Just as for people, it’s better to pay the grocer than the doctor.

  2. Dr. Tony DeLia says:

    Purina should try to educate its customers rather than provide a dangerous substandard food source for animals just to corner an unhealthy segment of the pet food market.

  3. Purina ie their product Beneful is responsible for the death of my beloved dog.He died a horrific death! This repulsive animal murdering company needs to be shut down permanently.


  5. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    CORPORATE GREED they do not care if animals get SICK!

  6. Angela Rabon says:

    This is DISGRACEFUL!! Remove ALPO from the market or improve your standards!!!

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