Save Zambia’s Hippos from Cruel Deaths

Target: Stephen Mwansa, Minister of Tourism and Arts

Goal: Permanently end Zambia’s on-again off-again hippo cull.

A recent decision by Zambia’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) threatens to deliver a devastating blow to the nation’s hippo population. Authorities have decided to commence with the culling of 2,000 hippos over the span of five years despite having initially suspended it.

The DNPW has received harsh opposition both within Zambia and internationally. Culls normally occur when a population of a species is deemed unsustainable in some way and must be reduced to conserve natural resources or preserve the balance of local ecosystems. However, in this case, the DNPW has failed to provide concrete evidence that Zambia’s hippos pose a threat to the environment or themselves.

According to the Born Free Foundation, one of the primary opponents of the cull, the DNPW has not proven that the hippos are overpopulated, that current rainfall and river levels cannot sustain their current populations, or that the proposed culling methods are humane. Indeed, considering that the people designated for the killing are paid trophy hunters, it would appear that the cull is motivated by greed and profit rather than the long-term well-being of the species or the ecosystems it inhabits.

This indiscriminate culling is cruel and unnecessary and should be stopped. Show Zambia’s officials that the movement to end this cull has international support by signing below.


Dear Your Excellency Stephen Mwansa,

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife’s decision to resume the culling of Zambia’s hippos is sorely misguided and unjustified. By condoning the cull, you are condoning the unnecessary and inhumane deaths of thousands of animals that do not need to die.

A cull can sometimes be a cruel necessity for certain species when they have become severely overpopulated. Overpopulation is a serious problem and can place a heavy strain on natural resources, which then endangers other species and the overall balance of an ecosystem. However, the DNPW has failed to prove that such is the case for Zambia’s hippos. Without concrete, scientific proof the hippos are a threat to the future of their respective ecosystems, themselves, or any other species, there is absolutely no need for a cull.

I respectfully ask that you and the DNPW do what is right for the hippos and the rest of Zambia’s wildlife by terminating the hippo cull.


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Photo credit: Brigitte Werner

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  1. end the killings of the great hippos now.

  2. Kill kill kill. Is that all the human race can think about these days.

  3. MORE BS from the plague that is the human species! If your penchant for killing and slaughtering is that strong, do yourself and the world a favor and kill YOURSELVES off for ‘sport,’ instead!

    • Ariel Valyo, DVM says:

      Sadly, I think some people already do that.

      • Czerny A. says:

        Unfortunately, these aren’t the people who hold the power of life and death over helpless animals. Why “sadly”? There’re too many evil humans populating the earth. If they want to kill each other off for sport, let them have at it.

  4. Culling hippos just isn’t on – Stop this now before it starts! We humans think we can just ‘kill off” any animal without a second thought – we can’t and we shouldn’t The world is watching Zambia If you go ahead with this and then ask foraid from other countries or charities don’t be surprised if it doesn’t arrive. I for one would not give a penny!

  5. Wendy Morrison says:


  6. Writers, Activists: did you know that 1000’s of hippo teeth are sold open, and surely on the black-market internationally? A friend experienced it first hand when a man offered him a lucrative “business opportunity”. When he reported it to CITES, they informed him that hippos are not on the endangered list. End of discussion! Teeth serve for carvings, necklaces & trinkets. For a period, when elephant ivory was not available, hippo teeth, according to the supplier were also used to create Japanese signature stamps and Netsuke (mini sculptures). The ongoing culls are likely to feed the “art & kitsch” market. African leaders seem to have one goal: flourish their bank accounts!


  8. Considering that the people designated for the killing are paid trophy hunters, it would appear that the cull is motivated by greed and profit rather than the long-term well-being of the species or the ecosystems it inhabits.
    Here we go again the human species GREED again

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  10. jean mcmillan says:

    No animal hunted, injured, killed, skinned, chopped up, and eaten or stuffed to become a wall trophy or whatever has ever agreed to participate in sport with humans, The Reality is MURDER. If hunters truly desire to participant in a legitimate sport then the hunters should hunt each other. then all participants have a willingness, agreed to the game, the rules, and the tools equipment and terms of winning or losing.
    When they are all gone, when you have taken the last life breath and life has been stolen , you can congratulate yourself that extinction is REAL.

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