Make Publishing Personal Contact Info for Harassment Illegal

Target: U.S. Federal Communications Center Chairman Tom Wheeler

Goal: Criminalize the practice of publishing people’s personal information online without permission.

Doxing is currently one of the most widespread forms of cyberbullying. This is the practice of publishing personal information like cell phone numbers and home addresses online for the purpose of harassment. In the past, seeking one one’s personal information online could be justified as a means of law enforcement if someone was going something truly illegal, but these days it is done solely to harm innocent people who have done nothing to deserve it. People are having their personal information leaked and spread for a multitude of invalid reasons, from the tiniest online altercation to merely disagreeing with a person’s policies on internet hobbies.

Doxing has never been an acceptable practice, but in this day and age we can no longer even consider it a necessary evil. It is one thing to privately give a potential criminal’s information to the police if they may do actual harm, but that is seldom the reason for hunting down people’s personal information these days. It is done in the name of malice and selfishness, solely to hurt, shame, and silence anyone a person dislikes. People who find and leak others’ personal information gain power over that person and abuse it solely for their own selfish benefits.

Cyberbullying is already enough of a problem that has led to several suicides and suicide attempts across the Internet, and the act of doxing is only making things worse. It should not be allowed, no matter how justified a person thinks they are in doing it. This sort of behavior is disturbing and malicious, and it needs to stop. Sign this petition to demand the criminalization of doxing.


Dear Mr. Wheeler,

Doxing is a form of cyberbullying currently being tailored to harm others. People use it to intimidate, silence and harm those they personally dislike over the smallest of altercations or differences in opinion. It is hurtful, malicious and is only fanning the flames of today’s dangerous Internet bullying culture. Too many people are being hurt by cyberbullying as it is–minors are being driven to suicide attempts and people have been forced to shut down their blogs or leave social media sites due to doxing or the threat of it.

Please start implementing stronger anti-doxing laws immediately. People do not deserve to have their personal details leaked online over disagreements, no matter how justified someone thinks they are in doing it. Cyberbullying has caused enough problems for innocent people as it is without them having to live in fear of their personal information being leaked and used against them.


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  1. Dr. Tony DeLia says:

    Because I would like to see the names and addresses of animal abusers published online (and not have to depend on indifferent government or law enforcement agencies to do it – most of which will not) I believe this is a terrible petition as formulated and encourage anyone reading this to not sign it.

  2. Dr. Tony DeLia says:

    Ms. Lindsay Savitzky, please consider the unintended consequences.

    Cyberbullying is certainly a significant contemporary problem but a rule that is too wide and restrictive can impact important online measures taken against animal abusers and others guilty of similar behavior. This could in fact result in a net harm to society and the animals it encompasses.

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