Keep Fox Hunting Illegal

Target: Andrea Leadsom, candidate for British Prime Minister

Goal: Do not allow foxes to be brutally chased down and killed if elected Prime Minister.

One of the candidates to replace David Cameron as the next British Prime Minister has announced that she will legalize fox hunting in the country if elected. In 2004, the practice of hunting wild mammals, notably foxes and deer, with dogs was banned in England and Wales. This extremely cruel form of entertainment involves foxes being chased from their habitats by packs of hounds and hunters on horseback. The fox dies of exhaustion or more commonly, by being ripped to shreds by the hounds trained to kill it.

Andrea Leadsom, who could become Britain’s next Prime Minister, has said that she wants to lift the ban on fox hunting, absurdly suggesting that doing so would improve the foxes’ welfare. In addition to being terribly inhumane, fox hunting is also deeply unpopular in the country. Polls have found that 83 percent of the public do not wish fox hunting to be made legal again. Despite this, the government could vote to repeal the ban if Leadsom is elected.

Sign this petition urging Andrea Leadsom to retract the ludicrous and backward plan to legalize fox hunting, as doing so would allow for thousands of these innocent animals to be subjected to unecessary terror, pain and death.


Dear Mrs. Leadsom

Your intention to repeal the fox hunting ban if elected is a backwards and inappropriate plan. To suggest that doing so would improve the foxes’ welfare is even more ludicrous, considering the cruelty and abuse involved in this form of entertainment. You are no doubt aware that terrified foxes are chases through the countryside by riders and hounds before being killed by the dogs, who brutally rip them to shreds.

This is not an acceptable activity in this era, where most people recognize that animals are sentient beings deserving of our compassion, respect and protection. In fact, a recent poll finds that 83 percent of the British population is against legalizing fox hunting.

Please take animal welfare seriously and scrap the cruel and absurd plan to bring back fox hunting against the public’s wishes if elected.


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Photo credit: Rylee Isitt

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  1. end the cruel fox hunts for good now.

  2. Animal cruelty should not be part of your country. Fox hunts and tortured need to stop.

  3. Please stop Fox hunting now. There is no need to be part of cruelty to animals.

  4. Andrea Leadsom (aka Loathsome) is an avid fox hunter. She wholeheartedly supports this barbaric practice, as does the new UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Both will find a way to slip a repeal of the Hunting act through the backdoor.
    Neither can be trusted.

  5. Andrea Leadsom, candidate for British Prime Minister: ARE YOU AWARE THAT terrified foxes are chases through the countryside by riders and hounds before being killed by the dogs, who brutally rip them to shreds. Why would you encourage the slaughtering of helpless foxes???????????
    There must be more important issues to take care of in your government, like the economy, national defence and security, criminal law, foreign affairs and First Nations policy, medical care available to everyone, education, housing for the poor and the homeless.
    Do not allow foxes to be brutally chased down and killed if elected Prime Minister. Thank you.

  6. Let’s start instead a hunting to both ladies. How funny!

  7. This despicable practice belongs in the dark ages NOT this, the 21st century. If this fact regarding our new Prime Minister is true, and if she should have the audacity to slip a repeal of the Hunting Act through the backdoor, then there will be trouble. I think that there are far more pressing issues that Theresa May needs to be dealing with at present. This government and country is in such a dire mess at the present time and the Prime Minister should be concentrating on sorting matters in hand; this does not include backing the wicked so called “sport” of the country folk!

  8. She pulled out of the race! Hope this horrid backwards thinking hag completely disappears from public policy debates!

  9. How can England’s government think of itself as advanced when still ruled by draconian actions? It is time to remove old useless traditions! Fox Hunts are level with Asian attitudes toward animals. Gloves off!

  10. Cynthia Mattera says:

    This is NOT a sport! These horrible hunters take fox out of their dens, and thrown them in to the middle of their dogs, where they teat the fox apart. It is a slow and agonizing death …..Disgusting and evil. Needs to NOT be made legal again. Please!!!!

  11. Andrea Leadsom
    You need to take a stand and not allow this inhumane hunt to take place. This
    is not the dark ages. these animals are not objects to be tortured by humans.
    If you have a conscience you will put an end to this by making strict animal
    abuse laws and enforcing them.

  12. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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