Stop Corporate Egg Producer’s Lies and Cruelty

Target: Adolphus B. Baker, CEO of Cal-Maine Foods

Goal: Demand ethical treatment of the hens raised at Eggland’s Best.

Recently, it was discovered that Eggland’s Best is taking part in the brutal torture of their hens. Thousands of hens are crammed into tiny cages with no room to spread their wings, losing their feathers due to rubbing against the bars. The ones who die are simply left to rot beside the living hens still laying eggs, exposing them to all manner of bacteria and disease. They are mistreated by the workers, yanked from their cages to be gassed to death if the workers see fit to do so.

This does not live up to the company’s claim of fresh, natural, wholesome eggs. Even Eggland’s Best’s packaging is a lie, as the labels boast that the eggs are “cage-free.” Consumers buy these eggs thinking they’re taking a step towards the ethical treatment of animals and the improved health of their bodied, but in reality they are eating eggs mass-produced in cruel conditions. To sell eggs claiming to be cruelty-free when the hens are this poorly treated is not just a lie, but an injustice to those hens who suffered and died needlessly to produce those eggs.

These cruel practices need to be stopped. Hens are living creatures, and they should be treated with care and respect. Happier and well cared-for livestock produces better, higher quality food products. Sign this petition to demand Eggland’s Best stops its cruelty and starts living up to its name.


Dear Mr. Baker,

The Eggland’s Best company’s treatment of its hens is appalling. The birds are crammed into cages with no room to move, abused by the workers and left to die and rot in their cages beside the hens still alive and laying eggs, exposing those hens to all manner of bacteria and disease. This does not line up with the company’s claims of wholesome, fresh eggs, or its packaging’s claim of “cage-free”.

These practices need to be stopped. Please end your Eggland’s Best division’s cruelty and implement higher standards of care quality and humane practices. This is not only vital to the consumer who buys and eats the eggs, but especially to the hens themselves. Stop the lies coming from Eggland’s Best and start bringing truth to its claims and advertising by treating the hens more humanely.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Snowmanradio

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  1. Of COURSE it’s all a lie! They exploit and torture these birds for profit! I hope this CEO and his company’s headquarters both go up in flames…would serve them right.

  2. These are sure called Hens. BUT does any one know that they too have feelings. Pains & sufferings happiness and everything else & above? While abusing, mistreating and making these pint size hens to suffer in pain what these working people does is unpardonable sins.
    These massive violators committing Animal cruelty must be thrown in jails. It does not matter weather the animal is small or the big. They all have a face and a life and has a Breathing Heart. Our Animal cruelty laws are so out dated. These type of money making companies who are flourishing, while subjecting the tiniest little animals to suffer in massive pains must be brought to justice. I wonder how those CEOs go to sleep at night without any guilt and still enjoy their lives. They needs to be total cowards.

  3. Jenna Miles says:

    We cant make animal agriculture humane. It can be a little less hell, but it cant be nice.

  4. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    They are corporate liers, I never buy these eggs! It’s ALL money, Eggland is crap and their CEO obviously is an unintelligent moron interested only in his expensive home, cars, trips…while his bread and butter, the chickens suffer horribly.

  5. I won’t be buying Eggland’s Best eggs until this company stops its cruelty toward its hens!

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