Success: Greyhound Racing Banned

Target: Mike Baird, Premier, New South Wales, Australia

Goal: Find new homes for registered racing greyhounds following a laudable ban on the practice.

Greyhound racing in New South Wales, Australia is set to be banned following an inquiry that revealed widespread mistreatment of animals. This cruelty, which includes live baiting and the mass killing of dogs, created outrage among the media, animal rights groups, and the ForceChange community. The investigation was sparked after a news program aired an exposé of the rampant cruelty within the state’s racing industry.

The inquiry, conducted by the state parliament, found that the use of live bait during training is widespread, with up to 20 percent of trainers using the method. It found that up to 68,000 dogs were killed in 2014 simply because they weren’t fast enough to win races. Furthermore, it was determined that the state governing body for greyhound racing deliberately under-reported the number of injuries and deaths that occurred.

This ban will save tens of thousands of dogs each year from unnecessary death, and many thousands more from exhaustion and injuries due to the grueling nature of the races. New South Wales will soon be joining a growing number of states and countries that have moved to outlaw the barbaric practice, only strengthening the anti-greyhound racing movement. Sign the petition below to praise this move and ask legislators to come up with a plan to rescue and re-home the state’s 6,809 registered greyhounds.


Dear Mr. Baird,

In response to revelations of widespread animal cruelty in the greyhound racing industry, the barbaric practice will be banned within a year. A parliamentary inquiry found that tens of thousands of dogs are killed each year if they aren’t fast enough, while the body designated to govern the industry attempted to mislead the public about the high number of injuries and deaths recorded. This body was also found to have attempted to silence a media exposé about the rampant use of live bait during training.

New South Wales is just the latest to ban this brutal sport. This move will not only help tens of thousands of dogs within the state, but will set an example for other localities across the world where the practice is still legal. We, the undersigned, applaud the ban on greyhound racing, and ask that you ensure that the 6,809 registered racing dogs in New South Wales are rescued and re-homed.


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  1. Lets also ban horse racing as it is cruel and barbaric to whip the horses to make them run faster. At least the dogs run without being forced.

    • Martin, you need to research before you comment.I come from NSW and there fore I am well aware of the severe abuse that these poor dogs encounter.Placing a ban on greyhound racing is essential.

  2. The dogs are trained to run by using cruel methods. Wake up.

  3. michael guest says:

    The racing of greyhounds is not show business or entertainment. It’s a form of cruelty to the animals and abuse. It definitely time to get this racing banned for good. Greyhounds should be helped to find homes to live in and retire.

  4. Rebecca Surette says:

    I’ve seen how greyhounds are killed. There is nothing humane about it. They are routinely hit in the head with hammers or simply locked up and left to starve. Evidently, even the cost of a bullet is too high for irresponsible owners who care for nothing beyond profit.

  5. Mike Baird, Premier, New South Wales, Australia:
    Good news. …and WHEN EXACTLY is this cruel, dog abusing/torturing Greyhound racing in New South Wales, Australia set to be banned????????? We will keep on keeping an eye an eye on this New South Wales Greyhound racing.

  6. Greyhounds that are raced are severely abused.They are killed when no longer deemed a money making venture.

  7. You, the creator of this petition, YOU did not even have the CURIOSITY to visit Mr. Baird’s OFFICIAL FACEBOOK page…
    HERE :
    What kind of activist are YOU< when you start a petition WITHOUT having ALL the FACTS….BECAUSE MR. Baird RESPONDED on HIS PAGE to all those who asked pertinent question about the BAN…HELLO, get INFORMED< before starting collecting CLICKS and signatures.
    People PRAISED him DIRECTLY on his page, and he ANSWERED all the questions…so go and READ THERE.

  8. Dear Mira, not everyone is on Facebook – Yes – that still exists!
    To achieve such, and every victory for animals is a combined effort, and literally every single vote counts. All involved on this site and the person who started it – a big Thank You.

    Mr. Baird – a thousand Thanks for allowing your compassion to step forward, and not the worry of losing potential votes. I am expecting that your decision is carried out immediately. Suffering only one more day is one day too many.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Thank you❗️?
    Signed & Shared.


  11. I wouldn’t hold my breath!!!! This has been going on (live baiting & dog abuse) since i was a child & im 40 yrs older, still happening…, there is still another year b4 it is banned & now all the scum who make a living out of this barbaric blood sport are going to fight it because it’s their income,,,, awwww bbbooo fucking hooo… GET A REAL JOB THAT DOESN’T INVOLVE ANY ANIMAL SUFFERING, TORTURING,ABUSE & KILLING!!!!!! GET A REAL JOB!!!!!

  12. Thank you a million times — may this great act of banning this brutal sport reverberate throughout the world. These magnificent animals deserve a normal life.

  13. thank god all our petitioning finally paid off I would love to have one of these beautiful dogs but I live in Canada and it’s a little bit far away I hope they all find loving forever homes god bless them and the all the people that signed the petitions to make this happen and the people who fought to free them

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