Punish Men Accused of Throwing Firecrackers at Chained Dogs

Target: Kevin Brackett, Solicitor for York County, South Carolina

Goal: Demand maximum punishment for men who allegedly threw firecrackers at three chained dogs.

Three dogs sustained minor injuries after two men reportedly threw firecrackers at them. The dogs were chained up in a yard and unable to escape. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

An eight-minute-long video surfaced, showing the men taunting the three pit bulls and throwing firecrackers at their feet. The dogs appeared frightened by the noise and proximity of the explosions and had no way of sheltering themselves. One dog was physically injured and all three dogs experienced intense emotional trauma.

Two men have been arrested and charged with three counts of ill treatment of animals. The dogs received veterinary treatment and are residing at the local animal control. They will hopefully be available for adoption soon. Sign below and take a stand against animal abuse.


Dear Solicitor Brackett,

Three dogs suffered greatly after two men reportedly threw firecrackers at them. The dogs were chained in a yard and unable to protect themselves from the attack. We demand the maximum punishment in this case.

Three pit bulls, the oldest only about three-years-old, sustained intense emotional trauma and minor injuries in this gruesome attack. The suspects in this case were reportedly watching the dogs for a friend. They are both repeating offenders and one was previously charged as an accessory to murder.

This attack was deliberate and cruel. If found guilty, these men should not be allowed to care for dogs and should be punished to the greatest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Itshears

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  1. These filthbags dog abusers need to be wiped ff the planet.Turn these POS into fertilizer.

    • I agree. These low life scum with deranged brains need to be wiped off the face of the earth. They are not fit to live. It’s time the authorities brought in severe punishments for animal cruelty. I put a cancer curse on these morons to suffer agony for the rest of their miserable lives.

    • AMEN!Karma in time………

  2. todd fletcher says:

    That’s dumb and dumber for you. These Turds need a beat down!!!!!!

  3. todd fletcher says:

    they forgot to mention the Shit heads names!!!!!

  4. todd fletcher says:

    The story left The Shit heads names out. Tevin Anderson and 21-year-old Deangelo Roseboro


  6. A H Tevin and A H Deangelow, one day this will come back on you ten fold, hope its soon.

  7. They need prosecuting to th ehighestpenalty possible! Hopefully jail time and a large fine and banned from going anywhere near an animal for life! These low life scum should be chained up and we can all throw fire crackers at them to see them dance! They won’t find it’s much fun!

  8. Some don’t think abuse such as this is a big deal. I disagree. We need to ask What kind of men would throw firecrackers at an animal, especially while chained up. What does that say about their decency and their character? It says nothing good or desirable. They should be punished.

  9. Carol Crowell says:

    These “men” should get the maximum punishment. Shame on them.

  10. Yep, I would be very happy to see animal abusers receive the same punishment they subjected their victims to and then eliminated.

  11. Dont chain your dogs.

  12. Look it is time to adopt the death penalty for animal abuser and pedophiles. These sub humans are a pathetic waste of life.

  13. Fucking bullies need firecrackers shoved so far up their sorry arses

  14. What the hell is wrong with these people?? Once again the south is in the picture for animal cruelty. Catch this bastard and stick a firecracker up his ass and see how brace he really is. He is nothing more than a coward abusing chained dogs by throwing firecracker at them. Sicko belongs in a mental hospital.


  16. firecracker in the eat this 3 whoring sons

  17. Can someone create a site that shows the faces of all animal abusers per state/county/province. We do not know what they look like and can move in next door. The public deserves to know. Calloused individuals make rarely a distinction harming animals or people.

    Thanks for naming them. Posters with their faces should go up in that region.

  18. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Shove firecrackers up their asses & watch em pop❗️?
    Signed & Shared.

  19. The two men that did this must be evil morons. There is no other description for them!

  20. Our justice system MUST take crimes against animals seriously — arrest these idiots & throw them in jail — for about 1 year — along with slapping them with a $5000 fine — WHO do they think they are?! — these idiots do NOT have the RIGHT to abuse animals — society does NOT want repeats of such crimes against animals — I repeat, punish them in accordance with the above suggestion — I guarantee you, they’ll never even think about abusing animals ever again.

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