Stop Exploiting Tiger Cubs

Target: Randy Stearns, President of Dade City’s Wild Things

Goal: Stop Dade City’s Wild Things from continuously exploiting its tigers.

Dade City’s Wild Things is a roadside zoo that attracts customers by allowing them to handle tiger cubs. This practice is very detrimental to these sensitive cubs. Unfortunately, Dade City’s Wild Things continuously breeds tigers in order to keep up with this attraction since the window of opportunity is so small.

Just days after being born, the cubs are taken away from their mothers so they can become accustomed to being handled. In the wild, tiger cubs stay with their mothers until they are two years old. Being torn away from their mothers so early in life causes many mental and physical problems including underdeveloped immune systems. Injury is also common since the public is unaware of how to properly handle a fragile tiger cub.

Breeding cubs for the sole purpose of frivolous entertainment is inhumane and unnecessary. Sign this petition and demand the zoo stop exploiting tiger cubs for profit.


Dear Mr. Stearns,

Your zoo has been breeding and exploiting tigers for profit for far too long. In the wild, tiger cubs will stay with their mothers until they are two years old. At your facility, cubs are taken away just days after being born. This leads to many mental and physical problems including under developed immune systems. The cubs are not even given a chance to get the nutrients they need from their mothers’ milk.

In addition, allowing the public to handle tigers is irresponsible. These people do not know how to handle a fragile tiger cub and injury is common.

Please consider ending your zoo’s exploitation of these intelligent and sensitive animals. They deserve to roam free and play with friends, not be forced to interact with humans while trapped in cages. People are growing to oppose animal captivity and it is time you acknowledge that.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Keven Law

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  1. Angela Rabon says:

    ANYBODY who exploits animals needs the animals removed from their care! BOTTOM LINE!! NO DISCUSSION ABOUT IT!!!

    • That goes for all the willfully ignorant and selfish PATRONS of these horrendous venues, too, since many likely also have “pets” at home who they treat as mere OBJECTS for their frivolous desires!

      • Do you belong to PETA? Their agenda is to end all pet/ human relationships…….great, except that would lead to the deaths of almost all dogs and cats that are now “pets”…..there is no way to “release” them back into the wild to become wild again……not in current day society, in any nation……they would be preyed on by predators and more often by humans who would abuse/ kill them for “fun” or profit.
        A road side zoo such as this has NO relationship to the care and treatment of pet dogs and cats by the vast majority of pet owners.

  2. Cynthia Mattera says:

    I’ve got an idea…all you folks who are breeders, roadside zoo owners, etc. Stop living off the misery of living creatures and get a REAL JOB!!!!

  3. What happens to the tigers when they’re too big to be handled and played with by tourists?

  4. Rhona LaBruzzo says:

    Hey. There are those that want to handle you, pervert. Why haven’t you learned how to “be nice”?


  6. Money-grubber zoo owners, stop exploiting these tiger cubs. I live in the Tampa Bay area, and I nor any member of my extended family will certainly will not be going to your Dade City zoo and no one else should either if they have an once of sympathy for animals.

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