Cancel Appearance of Mistreated Elephant at Renaissance Fair

Target: Brook Hall, Entertainment Director of The Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Goal: Have The Great Lakes Medieval Faire cancel Nosey the elephant’s appearance.

Nosey the elephant, likely a familiar name, has been mistreated and taken advantage of for far too long. Despite public outcry, Nosey remains with her exhibitor Hugo Liebel. Liebel has a long list of citations that go all the way back to 1993, but has been contracted to appear at The Great Lakes Medieval Faire in Ohio.

A veterinarian and elephant expert stated that Nosey’s case is “the worst, most prolonged, documented example of an uncorrected case of suffering and abuse in an elephant I have ever reviewed.” Nosey has been seen confined to small parking lots with no food, water or shelter. She also often displays signs of stress and will rock back and forth continuously.

Sign this petition to demand The Great Lakes Medieval Faire cancel Nosey’s appearance. Nosey’s suffering needs to be put to an end. She deserves a happy end to her life, not one where she continues living in captivity for human entertainment.


Dear Ms. Hall,

This year at your festival, Nosey the elephant is scheduled to make an appearance. Nosey has been mistreated and taken advantage of for years. It is time this abuse is put to an end.

Her exhibitor, Hugo Liebel, has been forcing Nosey to give rides to people despite her arthritis and numerous stress behaviors. Liebel has a long list of citations that date back all the way to 1993. Nosey has also been seen trapped in hot parking lots with no shelter, food or water. It is cruel and inhumane what Liebel has been putting Nosey through.

Please consider canceling Nosey’s appearance at your fair. She is in great pain, physically and mentally, and it is time her misery be put to an end. She belongs in a sanctuary where she can relax, play, and enjoy her days with friends.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Deborah Robinson

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  1. ENOUGH CRUELTY!!!!!!!!!!!! Retire this poor elephant, he is an animal not for profit making nor chronic pain. SHAME!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WHY is this Hugo Liebel still allowed to operate ANYTHING involving animals??!!! THAT’S the most pertinent question that need addressing “yesterday”!!!

  3. Charlotte Antelline says:

    PLEASE -ALL FAIRS & CARNiVALS: TAKE A STAND. Be one of the first to refuse to contribute even one more day to this animal’s abuse. She has MORE than served her owners well and to the point of silent exhaustion and utter desolation. Let her live, FREE as she’s entitled to and no longer be the money-making machine of greedy carnival people. HELP RETIRE HER to a safe sanctuary for the last years of her life. You, who are in the position of hiring, please give Nosey the long-earned break she needs
    and DO NOT HIRE HER anymore. BE THE FIRST. Be a Hero.

  4. must end the animal acts at all circuses now.

  5. Why hasn’t this vile man, Hugh Liebel be shut down, permanently?!
    Nosey, the elephant, has suffered for YEARS! She needs to be sent to a reputable sanctuary.
    Liebel needs to be sent to prison for his psychopathic cruelty!
    No animal should ever experience such abhorrent mistreatment!
    The USDA, as usual, is not doing their job. Citations have done nothing to deter this monster.
    Anyone who hires this freak has no conscience or compassion.

  6. Retiring Nosey to a good sanctuary is the only good thing a human could do for her right now. Elephant slavery should be abolished long time ago!

  7. Elephants are not allowed even one minute of free time when they are not fully controlled by man!!! If they aren’t tethered by chains around their leg and fastened to the ground they are poked and pulled by bull hooks as they are forced to do stunts that were never meant to be done by elephants. Their natural activity includes long walks over acres and acres of land, swims in ponds, dust baths, grazing on tree branches, and interacting with other elephants in their herd. Solitary confinement is totally un-natural and leads to health and mental problems, which in turn leads to elephants losing control and attacking people. Then they are killed because they are “dangerous”!! WRONG!!! They are only as dangerous as humans make them…and it is time for it to STOP!!!

  8. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    Nosey is there now suffering, I heard she was crawling because of pain. Look at Medieval Facebook and Google map comments. Pitiful how greedy these morons are.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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