Deaf and Blind Teen Cancer Patient Attacked by TSA Deserves Justice

Target: TSA Administrator Peter V. Neffenger

Goal: Fire airport security agents who reportedly slammed a disabled woman recovering from brain surgery on the ground.

A partially deaf and blind teen coming home from having brain surgery was brutally slammed on the ground by TSA agents after she set off the metal detector at the Memphis International Airport, according to reports. The 19-year-old woman, Hannah Cohen, did not have anything dangerous on her person, but she became confused when the TSA agents confronted her, due to her recent brain surgery.

Cohen’s mother attempted to explain this to the agents, but they refused to let her approach her daughter to calm her and let her know what was going on. Then, when Cohen started to struggle, the agents brutally slammed her to the hard floor, causing her to hit her head, according to reports. Her mother later described the incident saying that “there was blood everywhere.”

Instead of apologizing, TSA sent a spokesperson to claim that Cohen’s mother should have notified the airport in advance about her special needs. However, Cohen has been traveling via plane for 17 years to get treatment for her illness and there hasn’t been any problems until this incident, nor have they ever been informed that they needed to make special arrangements.

These TSA agents could have seriously harmed Hannah Cohen considering they made her hit her head right after her brain surgery. All of this could have been avoided if they had only listened to her mother for a second. Overzealous airport security is no excuse to risk the lives of completely innocent people. Demand that the Transportation Security Administration fires any agents responsible and apologize to Cohen for this traumatic experience.


Dear Mr. Neffenger,

The incident that occurred between your TSA agents and Ms. Hannah Cohen was absolutely unacceptable. According to her mother, the agents refused to listen to her when she tried to explain that Hannah is partially blind and deaf due to a brain tumor. Then, when the teen started to struggle because she didn’t understand what was happening, they slammed her to the ground, causing her to hit her head and begin bleeding profusely.

Cohen had just undergone brain surgery. Your agents could have killed her. Telling her mother that she should have called ahead to inform the airport about her daughter’s special needs is not the appropriate way to handle this situation. We demand that you fire the agents who hurt Hannah Cohen and issue an immediate apology and restitution to her and her mother.


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  1. Rhona LaBruzzo says:

    It’s like “cops shooting people”, “cops shooting dogs”, teens in baggy pants, Hillary and Clinton. Show offs that are bored and can get away with it! This exaggeration behavior must be stopped by jail, fines and ads. This bullies should have been stomped down years ago, but something got in the way. They were overzealous due to other bullies that are being reported about lately but caution should come before the little voice in their heads say SPRING INTO ACTION. Jail and fines are the only way to stop these farces.

  2. Pathetic shitheads.

  3. This is appalling! If they just would’ve let her mom explain to her what was going on that whole scene would’ve been prevented. The accessive force was totally not necessary. She just had brain surgery how dare they treat her like that!!! That family needs a public apology and restitution for her ordeal as well as those TSA agents fired!!!!

  4. This is truly tragic. I can understand, with all of the heightened anxiety over terrorist acts of violence, one being in an airport, recently, that TSA agents can be stressed out, and pressured. Having said that, this young girl’s mother should not Not have been ignored. Keeping her from her daughter, was completely ridiculous! I would not be surprised if these agents are fired, because their storm trooper tactics could have been life threatening, or could create permanent injury to this young girl. I feel for this young woman so much, and her mother, too. What a world we live in!

  5. Horrible they should not have those jobs … outrageous.. terrible. outraged…at this. Justice needs to prevail. Horrible to treat a human being with a disability. Just outrageous.


    America is an Oligarchy Presenting itself as a False Democracy. It is Controlled by America’s 1% Billionaire Ruling Class that owns and currently controls 90% of America’s Total Wealth.. They do not care about America’s 99% Slave Class (You and I). They live in constant fear that America’s 99% Slave Class will Rise Up and Take Back America from them which is why they are quickly migrating America from an Oligarchy to a Totalitarian State…!

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:


  8. The WiZaRd says:

    I’m very angry and on the warpath like Sitting Bull
    against those Fascist pigs of the TSA!!!
    Unless those bastards are fired and brought to justice
    for violations of this girl’s civil and constitutional rights,
    there will be hell to pay when the American people declare
    war against the corrupt agency.
    HOKA HEY!!

  9. Heartless and so cruel. Poor young girl,partially deaf and blind and returning home after a brain operation only to be confronted by thugs. May those involved lose their jobs and be charged and jailed.

  10. Brutal thugs! Want to be a bully, beat up others, be able to just treat others like they are below you, or maybe just kill others and get a paid vacation? Well, just get ajob with a badge.

  11. There is something about the authorities in the USA. Their so called power seems to go to their heads.
    They react to situations way beyond what is necessary.
    We see it constantly on U-tube, the Young Turks etc.
    Some one needs to get these “thugs” under control.
    America has become a scary place !!!

  12. Dear forcechange.Com . And Dear Hannah Cohen. Darling, I was struck by the news of your ordeal and criminal treatment. I want to do what I can to help you. First, some money assistance in bringing justice. Second, I would like to offer a small gift, should you like music, or something like that; and would like to buy something that you like very much. I want you to know that there are vastly more wonderful & good people in than world than the 2.5 % Suppressive people. I hope that you are resting up , and on the road to full recovery soon. I am so sorry about what occurred, and from what i read; many good people are calling for the firing of the thug/s at TSA. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize from the bottom of my heart to you on their behalf (whether they admit responsibility or not; just yet) .

    Hannah, I want for you to flourish and prosper. That means to heal for one. I pray and intend this for you. You simply must. I hope to hear from you Family of . Who can reach me at Your Friend Paul

  13. Neville Bruce says:

    Assault, GBH and murder are not to be ‘excused’ because the thugs involved are in a uniform/costume.

  14. Neville Bruce says:

    P.S. Have you had legal advice or been to the police? These human vermin should be arrested before they harm and/or traumatise other children.

  15. Matthew Coller says:

    Here’s the full video of the altercation, which tells a very different story from the description above. The girl obviously perfectly understands what’s going on, and the mother is on hand the whole time, which doesn’t calm matters at all. After stubbornly refusing to comply with the directions of the TSA officers she attacks and strikes one of the officers, at which point he takes her to the ground. It takes them a further minute of struggle to restrain her, after which there is no blood whatsoever left behind. The description above is an absolutely deliberate misrepresentation.

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