Demand the EPA Ban Fracking Outright

Target: Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy

Goal: Ban the practice of fracking to prevent catastrophic climate change and severe health problems in humans.

Last year, a fracking gas leak was responsible for the biggest source of climate change emissions in the world. Originally, we began the practice of fracking because environmental agencies were told that burning fracked gas was less dangerous than burning coal–we have since found that to be absolutely false. Since just about every major faction of science has deemed fracking dangerous to our planet’s health, it’s time for the EPA to step up and outright ban the practice.

Climate scientists have determined that the practice of fracking is is far more dangerous than burning coal because fracking leads to methane leaks, which burn through our atmosphere much faster than carbon dioxide does. We’ve already risen the global temperature 1.5 degrees in the last 250 years. If we reach two degrees, we’ll be in a state that climate scientists call “climate catastrophe.”

Various states have passed bans on fracking, or at least regulations, that have been met with challenges by natural gas companies and fracking lobbyists. Yet there has been no coordinated federal effort to protect our land and environment from the harmful practice known as fracking. We know that fracking pollutes water sources, destroys land, and can cause health problems in areas of contamination, yet the fracking industry continues to grow.

As it stands right now, there are over 300 fracking gas power plants scheduled to be built in the United States. If we as a society really want to fight climate change and stop our planet from being eviscerated, then we need to stop the production of all fracked gas power plants. The EPA’s duty is right in it’s name–to be an agency that protects our environment–yet they continue to allow fracking. Demand the agency works to ban fracking immediately.


Dear Gina McCarthy,

In your name, you call yourselves the “Environmental Protection Agency,” tasked with the great duty of protecting the environment that we call home. You are responsible for regulating any practices that may damage or pollute this environment of ours. Why then do you allow a practice as dangerous as fracking to continue when we know it to be lethal not only to ourselves but to our planet?

Nothing about fracking is natural or safe for our environment, yet there are homes across this nation where you can’t drink the tap water because it has gas or other pollutants in it caused by fracking. There have been countless stories of children getting sick from drinking the water or getting nosebleeds from being around fracked gas plants, yet there are 300 more plants scheduled to be built in the following years. This is clearly becoming a public safety issue, yet the EPA has remained quiet.

It’s apparent that fracking is not only dangerous to the health of the people who have to live near it, but detrimental to the health of the Earth. If methane continues to be released into our atmosphere at the rate it is now, we are going to reach two degrees warming in no time. There are very few agencies in this country who have real power over the practice of fracking and the EPA Administrator is one of them. Your job is to protect the environment from harmful practices, so it’s time for the EPA to step up and ban fracking once and for all.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Les Stone

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  1. Why do we have to abuse dairy cows? First shocking them with fire, keeping them constantly pregnant and taking their babies away to kill them cruelly. Farmers and their workers should be held accountable. Laws are needed for all farm animals now!

  2. Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent species on the planet! Yet we are the only ones who consistently think up more and more ways to make the earth uninhabitable for ourselves and for our descendants. All in the name of short term profits! Catastrophe just around the corner!

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