Stop Killing Thirsty Coyotes

Target: Gina McCarthy, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

Goal: Allow coyotes found in cities to be relocated instead of killed.

Coyotes have lately become a problem for many California residents, as the drought has forced them to wander farther in search of water. This has unfortunately led to some conflict with humans and many coyotes being killed out of fear.

Trapping and releasing coyotes, a more humane alternative to shooting them, is actually illegal in California though killing them is not. This leads to many residents shooting the animals instead of relocating them. This is in part because coyotes are a potential vector for rabies, though they very rarely have the disease. This small point of the law leads to many coyotes being killed annually.

The issue is further complicated by the fact that wolves are often mistaken for coyotes and shot. Wolves, in contrast to coyotes, are threatened and populations are only very recently beginning to recover. However, these few wolves are sometimes killed when mistaken for coyotes due to their similar appearances. Allowing trapping and release would save at least a few wolves that wander into and near residential areas along with the coyotes, protecting the fragile population.

Please sign the petition below to rescind the ban on coyote and wolf relocation in order to save these majestic creatures from being shot.


Dear Administrator McCarthy,

Coyotes in California and along the West Coast pose problems for residents, who are afraid of the animals or for the safety of their pets. The coyotes migrate more in search of water due to the persistent droughts, and often end up in residential districts, posing risks to both humans and animals.

Currently it is illegal to trap and relocate coyotes, due in part to the fact that coyotes are a species potentially at risk for rabies, though they rarely contract the disease. Killing coyotes, however, is perfectly legal in California. This leads to many coyotes being shot on sight because the alternative of trapping them and releasing them away from residential regions is illegal.

The threatened wolf population is also at risk from this law because wolves are often mistaken for coyotes and shot by both hunters and residents. Trapping and releasing could protect the recovering wolf population as well as prevent the deaths of so many wandering coyotes.

I am writing to you to encourage changing this law which results in so many needless deaths and puts the threatened wolf population at an elevated risk. Give California residents the more humane alternative of releasing the animals legally.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Christopher Bruno

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  1. michael guest says:

    This is unacceptable and unfair. Just like the wolves, killing coyotes is not the solution. It will threaten the population and the numbers. I insist that you remove this ban and allow wolves and coyotes to be relocated and released, not killed now.

  2. Rhona LaBruzzo says:

    I hope Gina McCarthy, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, realizes that we humans are on the coyotes land and that it isn’t some god given right that we spread out. Isn’t crap like this against some kind of law? No wonder their are so many criminals.

  3. The only good hunter is a dead one.Hunt the hunter and see how these bastards like being on the end of death!!!!

    • sara smith says:

      I agree. The only good hunter is indeed a dead one.

    • Maria Mahyorova says:

      “Coyots become a problem for people”? No, it’s people becoming a problem to all the Earth! It’s not fckn yours! If people left California without water, they must leave! People, not coyots!

  4. Coyotes and wolves have a purpose in this world, as a matter of fact, they were here first! It is cruel to hunt and kill them. The right thing needs to be done, and its NOT hunting! Please have our coyotes relocated! Hunting is for cowards, its not the answer . It is inhumane!!!

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