Repeal ‘Gay Panic’ Defense Used to Justify Hate Crimes

Target: Legislative Assembly Queensland, Australia

Goal: Stop enforcing an old law that can be used to justify crimes in cases of “gay panic.”

In recent years, the so-called “gay panic” defense has come under fire in a number of locales. One of the most recent to join this list is Queensland, Australia, which is taking steps toward repealing the gay panic defense. Sign the petition and encourage the repeal of this homophobic and backward law.

Officially known as the Homosexual Advance Defense, the gay panic law is part of Queensland’s criminal code. It states that “a defendant can claim temporary insanity as a result of a homosexual advance,” LGBTQ Nation reports. The law has been removed or amended in many other Australian jurisdictions, leaving only Queensland and South Australia with the original law still on the books.

The law is a blatant example of codified homophobia and can also be interpreted as a victim-blaming measure. It has no place in a modern legal system. Sign the petition to encourage lawmakers to remove the Homosexual Advance Defense from Queensland’s criminal code.


Dear Legislative Assembly,

I am writing to encourage Queensland lawmakers in their efforts to remove the Homosexual Advance Defense (HAD) from Queensland’s criminal code. The HAD and other “gay panic” laws are remnants of a more homophobic, less accepting time, and they have no place in modern government.

Queensland is one of only two Australian jurisdictions in which “gay panic” defenses remain on the books in their original form. In the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, and New South Wales, the defense was amended to prevent it from being used in cases of nonviolent advances. In Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia, the law was repealed completely.

The repeal of this law would have a significant social impact as well as a legal one. It sends a strong message that homophobia and transphobia will not be tolerated in Queensland, and I support you in your efforts to update this backward law.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. WELL I am thinking we normal people need to create also a league, because all these supposedly minorities can do all and they forgot that their liberty ends, where the liberty of others starts. Is the blacks everything is racism so they expect often to get away with all sorts of crimes, in the case of Harambe they come again with the racism thing, when whites in the same situation are also criticized and most people didn’t knew they were blacks when they comment as the brat is not very dark, but what i had never seen, was a group creating a page in FB (shame on FB that has even petitions to stop this animal abusers pages)to vilify, dishonor, mock, jeer H memory just from blacks really, than they don’t want people to say the truth. The page is called michelle greggs needs our support and is about awful images and people go there to try to make them see, they insult everyone and go after to other pages insulting, many of them had been banned but also shame on FB that allows page like this 1 to exist, and besides many denounces. Than we have muslins is all about their suffering, their offenses, their rights, no one thinks about the hostess rights, respect, liberty? If someone thinks on that is islamophobic, i must be all right now. Is the transgender that tax payers need to pay all the delusional of anybody (I know people who think they are cats and we should pay them to be operated and have hormones)most of the money spent on these would give for many more normal things and they rarely look what they expect, as the whole body skeleton would need to be changed.Not to say the way they walk, move around, the hands, the shoulders and many times face. Underneath all there is a man face, but of course their rights even when is injustice a trangender male to female run against true females, than we have the gays also who think they have all rights even some to harrass other men or women, and no one can complain or give them a touch more strong as they go making a big discrimination rights, but the truth will be transformed into another thing. Is the small people they are not dwarfs, they are small… there are even new names for what had been for centuries the word and the disease is dwarfism not smaller people, i bet soon the name needs to be changed also.So we normal people (normal on purpose) need to create also our rights, etc or it is normalpeoplephobia.Or whitephobia depend of the case like them.

    • Angelique St.Pierre says:

      Wow… now THAT’S a serious wall of nutter-y. SO glad these science-ignorant, book-burning, lil’ basement dwellers are going the way of the dodo. BTW Hon:’muslin’ is a *fabric*; if you’re that scared of it then you better check your wardrobe….
      Seriously crack a science book…just once in your life…

  2. Jennifer Pyykka says:

    What the hell kind of rant did I just read….and was there an incident nobody is putting up; or is this just aimed to cause smoke where there is no fire?
    There are millions of old laws on the books that are never claimed or used in modern day but the public isn’t swarming around to strike them all from the books….why is this suddenly a platform to whine about when there are so many tragedies going on in this world?

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