Justice for Maggot-Infested Dog Left Outside to Die

Target: John McCarthy, State’s Attorney

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for a man who reportedly left his sick dog outside to die.

A man reportedly left his sick dog outside with no plans to give her medical attention. The dog had to be euthanized due to the severity of her illness. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Police officers found the dying dog, named Cholula, lying in a towel-covered crate. She had wounds of unknown origin and maggots infesting all of her body cavities. An unpleasant odor surrounded her, leading to her placement outside. The owner was aware of the dog’s poor health, reports claim, but he did not make any official plans to obtain medical care.

The owner was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty. Animal control also removed a cat and a six-month-old puppy from the home. Sign below to demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear State’s Attorney McCarthy,

A dog had to be euthanized due to severe neglect. Cholula, the dog, was found outside of her home covered in maggots and emitting a terrible smell. We demand the maximum penalty in this horrific case.

Cholula’s owner was out of town when police officers discovered her in gravely ill condition. A friend, who was watching Cholula, informed him that flies surrounded her and she appeared ill. The owner claimed to have plans to take her to the vet, but officers could not find any record of an actual appointment.

This outright neglect cannot go unpunished. We demand the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo Credit: blom3

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  1. OMG……………we live in a world full of mean,heartless and cruel humans and that is what the owners of this dog are and they must be punished to the max. Make an example of them…jail them, fine them a huge amount, ban them from ever having any animals.

    RIP poor dog who died a horrific and painful death because of heartless owners may justice be yours now.

  2. This poor little dog really suffered a horrible death! I can’t image the terror and pain.
    When is our country going to crack down hard on sick psychos like this monster?!
    He didn’t care. He knew that the authorities would, probably, do nothing. WHY DON’T WE CARE about the incredible amount of immense agony and fear that sociopaths are inflicting on innocent animals.
    We are only encouraging a nation of apathetic, negligent and extremely cruel sick people. Our laws are pathetically lenient, and these freaks know it.
    An ANIMAL CRUELTY REGISTRY MUST BE effective in every state, including a federal one. It is way past the time to monitor and publicize, indefinitely, animal abusers. They are dangerous monsters, who don’t care how much suffering they cause, because OUR SOCIETY DOES LITTLE/NOTHING ABOUT IT. We have no deterrents.
    Instead of demanding/encouraging empathy and compassion, our country is allowing the worst of human nature to rule! This demon needs to be thrown in prison for a long time by a judge that gives a damn–and never allowed another animal, ever!


  4. sara smith says:

    So far only 358 people have thought this petition worth signing. That’s one of the most appalling aspects of the whole brutal incident. Presumably the person who did this is already known to the police, so straightforward enough to urge a severe penalty. There’s no question they might not be found etc. Nonetheless only 358 people including myself thought this was worthy of the 10 seconds it takes to attach a signature. Where are all the indignant animal lovers queueing to sign other petitions the subjects of which are no worse than this one? It’s a true saying, for evil to flourish it only needs good people to do nothing.

  5. sara smith says:

    And why has this disappeared off the “recent petitions” list to make way for one talking about a “hanged” puppy as if the dog was dead- there’s also already a separate petition about this case anyway.

  6. More people should advocate against animal cruelty of we want to create a better society. Aniaml5abusers should be meted stuffer sentences. A minimum of 5 years at the very least and those that neglect dogs to the pint of torture should be sentenced 20 years at the very least. Like the man who did this.

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