Allow Pets to be Rescued From Deadly Hot Cars

Target: Robert A. DeLeo, Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and Governor Charlie Baker

Goal: Allow passers-by to rescue pets from hot cars and pass two other pet-safety laws.

Bystanders could be allowed to break car windows to protect locked-in animals from overheating thanks to a bill recently approved by the Massachusetts Senate. The bill now needs to be approved by the House and signed by the governor.

The Senate unanimously approved the bill to allow passers-by to take action if they see an animal locked in a car. First, the individual must check to make sure no doors are unlocked, then he or she must “make a quick effort to find a police officer.” If neither of these options yields success, the person is authorized to break a window to rescue the animal as long as he or she calls 911 to alert a dispatcher to his or her intentions.

Rescuers would also be required to remain on the scene with the pet until emergency crews arrive. Emergency workers and first responders would also have the same ability to rescue animals, so long as they made an attempt to find the owner of the car first.

In the same session, the Senate unanimously approved two other pet-protecting bills, one of which would institute numerous regulations surrounding breeding. Under the terms of the bill, no puppies or kittens could be sold before they are eight weeks old. Pet stores would also be required to do business only with licensed breeders, cutting “puppy mills” out of the equation.

In addition, the stores would be required to post information about each animal and its breeder. The third bill would require all new owners of foreclosed homes to walk through their new property within three days of the sale to ensure that no abandoned pets have been left inside the house.

These three bills are common sense solutions to problems that have long plagued both animal lovers and the pet industry. Sign the petition and urge the House and the governor to ensure their quick passage into law.


Dear Mr. Speaker and Governor Baker,

I am writing to express my support for three pet-friendly bills that are now under your consideration. All three were unanimously approved by the Senate, and I hope that they will be similarly well-received by the House and the Governor’s Office.

The first of the three bills would allow passers-by to smash the window of a car in order to rescue a pet trapped inside. There are, of course, certain conditions the rescuer must fulfill first. He or she must try the door, attempt to find a police officer, and call 911 to alert a dispatcher to his or her intentions. He or she would also have to remain on the scene until emergency workers arrived.

The second bill would regulate various aspects of breeding, banning the sale of puppies and kittens before eight weeks and effectively banning “puppy mills” by requiring pet stores to do business with only licensed breeders. Furthermore, stores would be required to display information about each animal and its breeder.

Finally, the third bill would require buyers of foreclosed homes to walk through the property within three days of purchase to ensure that no pets have been abandoned inside the house. These common sense measures are all vitally important to the health of animals in the Bay State. I urge you to pass them without delay.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: grassrootsgroundswell

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  1. Sheree wilkinson says:

    I absolutely agree!!! We MUST prosecute anyone who leaves children, pets, elderly people in cars!!!! I f you can’t take them with you wherever you are going….LEAVE THEM ALL AT HOME!!!!!!!
    Sheree Wilkinson
    mother of 4
    grandmother of 8
    great grandmother of 3

    And current Furmom of 2 mini-pin Furbabies Maxieboy and Maddiegirl!!!

  2. We have to be the voice of the voiceless!

  3. It is no contest about saving an animal in a hot car. I would risk going to jail
    to save an animal even if the owner is a jackass. The owner should be charged with animal abuse and heavily fined. There should be no back lash
    against a good samaritan. There is NO EXCUSE for any animal to be abused in this way. If the owner objects to the rescue then they should be handcuffed and left in a vehicle with the windows rolled up. Then lets see
    how they feel about the situation.

    • I would too Christine, and have come very close to doing just that, when the owner realised I was bloody serious. She quickly opened he car door and a couple of us grabbed the dogs, whilst someone phoned the police.

  4. Animals need our protection and care. It’s up to us to speak for them!

  5. If you are a witness to the suffering of precious and innocent dogs or any animal left in hot cars you should have the authority to smash the windows or what ever to rescue these precious sentient beings from a horrible and cruel death.

  6. If I saw any animal left in a hot car I would smash the window or whatever with or without the authority, to save the life of dogs or any animal, not caring what consequence against me that may follow.

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    All I know is, any IDIOT who leaves any animal or child in a hot car needs to have thei ass beat❗️Then placed in the hot car with NO a/c or circulation in order for them to feel the exact same treatment❗️? I most certainly would save any animal if I saw them locked in a hot car❗️? Signed & Shared.

  8. I most certainly agree with all 3 bills to be passed without delay. There would be no hesitation on my part to act accordingly to save ANY life. Our animals do not have a voice but WE DO and we will be heard. Laws must be introduced without delay to protect ALL life, man or beast.

  9. How many times must animals die due to irresponsible morons leaving them in hot cars?? It only takes a few minutes in a hot car for animals to suffer & die. I, for one, would do anything I could to get that animal out of that car. I would call police first, then I would break a window to get the animal out of that car & get it to safety~~I’d do it in a heartbeat. Then, when the police arrived, they could deal with the Ihe owner of the car. I think idiots who leave their animals in hot cars should be locked in the car & not allowed to even open a window for at least 5 hours, then they’ll know how it feels to suffocate. PASS LAWS A.S.A.P. that will keep these stupid idiots from doing this, and while you’re at it, pass laws that forbid animals to ride in the back of a pickup truck.

  10. I’m not sure legally it should be the responsibility of the buyer to check for an animal in the foreclosed home they purchased. Often these foreclosures have also sat vacant before purchase and some are purchased online without being seen. Some are bought from people out of state. I think the responsibility should fall on the trustee of the property, the landlord if there is one, or whoever lists the property as they will know if an animal exists there. I think any landlord should be made to check property when a tenant leaves whether a property is being sold or not. I do not think this bill will be very effective in saving animals abandoned in houses selling as foreclosures.

  11. Jeff Worley says:

    I think you’re all crazy. My dogs LOVE being in the car. I roll the windows down, throw ice all over the back seat and NEVER leave them more than 2 minutes. Still, I’ve had you “do-gooders” call the cops five times on me, already. One time one of you IDIOTS (as you’re all fond of saying) managed to unlock my car door with a coat hanger from one of the two windows I left open and LUCKILY I came out at exactly that time as I have a greyhound and he DARTS FAST and would have DIED running into the heavy traffic next to the parking lot. Get a real cause. Look into stopping TPP (which literally encourages human slavery) for a start.

  12. Best Wishes to you ? my friends and Great Protection ?
    Special candle for you ?
    Allow it!

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