Shut Down Security Company That Allegedly Massacred Dogs

Target: President Barack Obama

Goal: Shut down a security company where 24 bomb-sniffing dogs were allegedly abused and killed.

Twenty-four bomb-sniffing dogs were allegedly massacred by an overseas security company. Graphic photos show dead dogs lining a hallway in the facility. Demand the immediate shut down of this U.S.-based company until further investigation can take place.

The dogs were severely mistreated, per former employees. They were reportedly unfed and suffering from skin and eye conditions, bacterial infections, and diarrhea. One dog was allegedly forced to continue working up until her painful death from uterine cancer. This all led up to the reported massacre, when all of the dogs were allegedly killed due to the loss of a contract.

The company has also been accused of numerous human rights violations, including confiscating employee’s passports and restricting their communication with family members. Sign below to demand the immediate shutdown of this company.


Dear President Obama,

Eastern Securities, a U.S. based security company in Kuwait, has been accused of serious human and animal rights violations, including the horrific massacre of two dozen bomb-sniffing dogs. We demand the immediate shutdown of this company until further investigation can take place.

The dogs were reportedly kicked, starved, and denied necessary medical care in the hands of Eastern Securities personnel. In addition, employees were reportedly denied access to their passports and were forbidden from communicating with their families.

This horrific abuse of both animals and people is unacceptable. We demand the immediate shutdown of Eastern Securities until further investigation can take place.


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Photo Credit: neiv

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  1. these killers need to be put to death for killing great animals now.

  2. These bomb-sniffing dogs, I am sure, saved many, many lives by finding bombs before they killed innocent people. Now they have been abused, made to suffer and killed. These great animals need justice for what has been done to them. Please make this company pay for what they have done.

  3. These poor creatures served man and look how we treated them! No animal should be in the service of men because wears to cruel and stupid. Stop using animals if you plan on not at least treating them decently during and after their service. No animal should work for humans if this is the result. Humans learn to do bomb detection without dogs as you prove over and over and over that abuse torture death is all that we provide for innocent living beings even those in service. Disgraceful!

  4. Yes, these greedy sick money grubbing companies used those poor dogs and anused them. No decency no humanity! Shut these sick humans down now! If they want to find bombs let humans learn to do it without animals if this is the treatment. Money and the welfare of animals do NOT mix. Constant monitoring of these asses who use animals in service then treat them like trash. What is wrong with these sick people. If this business is not closed immediately and not forced to pay restitution, then I do not know why we should keep law enforcement, around either.

  5. A disgrace! Animals who’s lives are helping humans stay safe are treated like this! Forced into service for stupid humans. Sniff your own bombs humans, you made them, dogs do NOT fight unless threatened or scared. Why should they help warring humans destroy everything. No animals in service and here is a GREAT reason why.

  6. And the US wonders why we look like we do to the world! All the ‘help’ we do for other countries (and we do a lot) – some self-serving and some like clean water, etc. is the right thing to do. This kind of thing and the people involved present this to the world and that is what they remember! The dogs didn’t deserve this!

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