Kittens Thrown Out in Plastic Bags to Die Deserve Justice


Target: Jeremy Wright, Attorney General of United Kingdom

Goal: Find and severely punish whoever put kittens in plastic bags and threw them out to die.

In just 24 hours, a litter of kittens was put in a plastic bag and thrown into the river to drown, and then a second litter tied up in a bag and dumped in a litter bin. While rescuers tried saving the 2-week-old kittens from the river, all four died. The second litter of 7- to 8-week-old kittens were saved when people heard them crying from inside the bag.

Authorities are not sure that the kitten killings are linked, even though they occurred within 24 hours of each other and only 30 miles apart, and both litters were put in plastic bags. Whether or not these sick, heinous crimes are connected, the people who committed them must be found and punished severely. It would be a tragedy for this to become a trend among kitten owners. Please sign this petition demanding that authorities utilize all resources to find and severely prosecute whoever did this.


Dear Mr. Wright,

Two litters of kittens were placed in plastic bags and thrown out to die. One litter was killed after being thrown in a river to drown and the others survived being thrown into a garbage can.

The horror these poor kittens endured is unimaginable. We urge you to stop at nothing to find whoever did this and severely punish them before this becomes a trend.


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Photo credit: RSPCA

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  1. Here is another vile case of low life scum abusing animals.
    These are living feeling creatures when will start handing out real jail terms that actually have some effect on these pond life, because as it is there is NO deterrent at all.

    Nation of animal lovers what a joke

  2. Carol Crowell says:

    This should not go unpunished.

  3. Mollie Belcher says:

    Low life piece of scum who would do something like that in this day and age when there are so many rescues or shelters this how you want the world to see you? Please demand justice for these babies…every life matters!

  4. These type of heinous crimes causing immense suffering to innocent little kittens that some psycho(s) don’t want to care for or even sadistically want to kill–MUST BE taken more seriously. The punishment for these type of crimes is no where near strict enough (if at all). These cruel sociopaths who cause such terror and pain to living beings are a danger to ALL animals AND human beings.

    Find these sick monsters and start enacting some effective laws that will be a deterrent! As long as savages like this know there will little/no punishment, our precious helpless animals will continue to be the targets of psychopaths and evil creeps! There should be an ANIMAL CRUELTY REGISTER preventing these freaks from EVER owning animals and to monitor them, carefully!

    I can’t imagine the suffering of these poor little kittens! Show that you have some decency, empathy and compassion for them. No country should allow these horrors to happen! START DOING SOMETHING TO HELP THE VICTIMS OF INHUMAN DEMONS!

  5. Waste of good oxygen. Inhuman scum. I hope someone does the same to them. People who commit an act of animal cruelty should have their hands chopped off at the elbows, preferably without any kind of anaesthesia.

    • Marcia Diebold says:

      i agree Nikki! anyone that could do this to a harmless animal is not to be trusted around children either. we have to put these people in jail long term .

  6. I hope these monsters are caught and a plastic bag put over their heads then thrown into the sea. Cruel bastards. rot in hell. Karma always pays back.

    Scum of the earth. Nation of animal murderers.


  8. Catch the monster/s and jail them for life. Better, get rid of them from this Planet. These heartless and vile monster/s do not deserve to be alive on this Planet.
    Put the monster/s into a bag and throw them into a river making sure they suffer as those helpless and innocent little kittens suffered.
    RIP little ones.
    And I pray the rescued kittens find forever loving homes.

  9. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    These animal abusers (murderers) must be treated the same way. OR feed them to the lions or crocodiles PLEASE!!!

  10. Another collection of monsters who need to be thrown into a wood chipper. Any piece of shit that abuses am animal should be made to suffer the same fate or worse.

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    I want to put these sons of bitches in bags & make them suffocate❗️😡
    Signed & Shared.

  12. The SORROW & SADNESS brought about by this cruel action
    makes one question HUMANS…. We are going BACKWARDS rather than FORWARD in our HELP & COMPASSION for ANIMALS

  13. Cecily Colloby says:

    Those who commit such vile crimes as this against helpless animals should simply be disposed of like the filth they are. They will NEVER get the appropriate punishment for their crimes while this country is being run by morons and our Courts are as feeble as the day is long. You can murder your child under the noses of Social Services these days, spend 5 minutes in gaol and be out in no time so our law makers aren’t going to give a toss about animals. The only way animal abusers are EVER going to get what they deserve is when those of us who are constantly signing petitions such as this finally decide to take the law into their own hands and deal out an appropriate “punishment” to these worthless pieces of trash.If anyone knows where this happened and who did it I hope they are planning a suitable revenge on behalf of these kittens-and bloody good luck to them! We can’t rely on those who are SUPPOSED to do the job, that’s for certain.

  14. Special candle for you 👼 my friends and Great Protection 💖
    Nature treats back now 💪 bastards
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now 💪
    Feel the pain
    Hear the crying of the kitten
    Every minute of your senseless life
    Live your hell 👹 now
    Higher Justice works now 💪

  15. To be given life and then immediately, not knowing what is going on, have to fight for it, and fail, all because of some scumbag shithead humans don’t give a flying fuck about anything but their stupid ignorant selves, well, may the Gods of All the Animals curse those morons’ lives for EVER.

  16. Suzie Chow says:

    Scary to have such sick people living in our society. They need to be put away.😿

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