Demand Harsher Punishment for Man Who Allegedly Slit Cat’s Throat

Target: Justice William Stokes of Maine

Goal: Issue harsher punishment for man who allegedly attempted to euthanize a cat with a dull knife.

A man reportedly slit his injured cat’s throat with a dull knife and was only given 48 hours in jail for the heinous crime. The cat had been hit by a car and suffered a non-life-threatening injury to its leg. The owner, Terrence Winslow, reportedly took a dull knife to the cat’s throat in a sick attempt to euthanize it instead of waiting for the veterinarian to come and treat the cat, according to police. The cat was still alive when the veterinarian arrived, but it later died due to the knife wound.

When Winslow appeared in court, Justice William Stokes agreed to allow him to serve his measly two-day sentence starting July 1. Two days in jail is nothing short of a tragic injustice for the poor cat who most likely suffered an unspeakable amount of pain from this senseless act of cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that this violent man’s sentence be retracted and a harsher one given.


Dear Mr. Stokes,

A cat was reportedly killed when its owner attempted to euthanize it by slitting its throat with a dull knife. The cat allegedly had a non life-threatening injury to its leg, but instead of waiting for the veterinarian to arrive, the owner decided to euthanize it. The poor cat suffered until after the veterinarian arrived, and later died of the senseless knife wound.

The loss of this poor cat’s life is a tragedy, but the injustice over what the animal endured is even more so. We demand that you retract the measly two-day jail sentence and issue a harsher one for the man who did this.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee

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  1. Es un criminal!! Él gato no iba,a morir!! Porqué le hizo eso?

  2. I guess Maine like sick sadistic criminals running free and not discouraged or punished for committing violent crimes. Good luck Maine check your violent crime stats in a year, only going higher I’ll bet!

  3. This sick dude is either the stupidest person that ever survived past childhood, or he is a sick violent criminal. Either way he needs help and monitoring to be able to live in society and not hurt himself or others. No judgement, no sense and no punishment for a sadistic sick crime. Stupid or sick get this moron off the street. Faced with complex everyday decisions this box of hair can NOT survive without the chance of significant harm and needless suffering to himself or others! What lame brain judge wants this twerp roaming in their nieborhood free to “HELP” others. What if his kid gets a bloody nose?? No telling how he will handle it!?!

  4. sandra mason says:

    please don’t let him get away with such a small penalty. first of all, he allowed his pet to get out into the street to be run over. he had help coming for his cat but obviously did not want the help. he was hoping to get rid of his “responsibility” and he chose a cruel sadistic way to do it. he should be required to donate money and/or time to a local shelter.. clean up without actually being around the animals and then never allowed to have another pet. he obviously doesn’t know how to properly care for them.

  5. CHARLES HALL says:

    did this guy actually have a veterinarian coming directly to him??? all he had to do was wait??? he didn’t have to move his cat or transport it.. all he had to do was WAIT!

  6. cheryl dack says:

    thank you to everybody caring enough to sign this petition for this poor little defenseless cat.

  7. jaclyn bisanz says:

    what a sick human being!!! why!

  8. sara smith says:

    Can someone euthanize this bastard with a dull knife? Please?

  9. kay allan says:


  10. WHAT??? What this monster did to this cat constitutes a measly two day jail stint. Are you kidding me??? This CAT DIED A HORRIBLE DEATH AND YOU SLAP THE owner ON THE WRIST WITH THIS??? OMG…………….I’m sick and mad as hell. Come on do the right thing and do what is right for the cat and put this slime ball in jail for at least 6 months, fine him a huge amount, ban him from ever having any animal and get him psychiatric help as he is sick(you have to be to think it is OK ever to kill any living breathing thing with a dull knife) What has happened to our world where there are so many mean,cruel,heartless humans everywhere??

  11. This bastard needs an eye for an enacted, ensuring he suffers a slow and painful death.


  13. Only 2 days in jail for the horrific and completely unnecessary and sickening KILLING (not humane euthanasia!) of a cat (with just an injured leg) is pathetically lenient!

    This monstrous sociopath should be in PRISON for a long time, and NEVER allowed to have ANY animals.

    What in the hell is going on in this country?! We are allowing a lot of very cruel freaks to intentionally cause immense suffering to innocent animals–with little/no real punishment.

    Are we going to continue being a savage nation–or start demanding compassionate treatment of helpless innocent animals, and severe punishment to the increasing number of dangerous sociopaths, who get away with heinous crimes?!

    This sadistic monster couldn’t wait for a veterinarian to help the poor cat, but chose, instead to kill him with a dull knife! The judge thought 2 days in jail was a form of punishment?! The judge was a pathetic embarrassment to our broken judicial system.

    We need mandatory animal cruelty laws with long prison sentences, fines and NEVER allowing the criminal to have ANY animals.

    Do we have ANY standards of compassion and decency in this country?!

  14. Bridget Russell says:

    I’ve heard and seen more shit like this more this past year than ever,what the hell is going on?? Who does this? I have a dog that is close to death now and I’d trade for his last breath.sick people like this that hurt the harmless,kids,animals deserve what they give that is why this world is so messed up,give em Some of his own shit.

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