Stop Killing Sharks

Target: Shark Fishing,

I along with many people want Shark Fishing outlawed. Sharks have been a major draw fot fisher people since the movie Jaws was released. They think they are so courageous to catch a shark. I used to fish for makos, black tips, hammerhead, and more from the city pier in Panama City Beach til I discovered that sharks are a tremendous part of the ocean ecosystem. They keep the ocean floor clean, the overpopulation of other animals down, their leftovers available to plankton and other ocean animals are severely important to feed ocean animals that supply people with food. We are killing them by the hundreds of thousands. When their numbers dwindle so does our own food and vitamins and the unnecessary use of liver oil for treatment of hemorrhoids. Shark cartilage for use against cancer and other afflictions as well as the use of Shark fins for soup and powders by Asians to have better sex, longer sex acts and larger sex organs is not only ridiculous but laughable if it weren’t so tragic. When the sea runs out of sharks, the plankton then the sardines and small fish disappear. Then the whales, seals, lobster shrimp, crabs, and the rest disappear. Then we can all eat bread, cereal, beef with pig and corn (which is either totally bad for you in many ways or like corn which may as well be a non-food because it does not digest) which in the case of corn is only broken down with the use of lots of sugar,water and high heat to make booze and even then is still a non-food fed to pigs which like our systems is excreted in waste pretty much the way it went in. Sharks, though, can digest it because their systems are able to digest pretty much anything. Thus keeping the ocean floor cleaned. And with all the shit we dump in the sea, Sharks are saving our oceans and our very lives. This is only a tiny part that sharks do to aid our very lives every day. They are of little use to us as food (only if you know the involved manner in which to prepare them for consumption) but certain parts are used in pet food. So keep killing them and you will only succeed in killing the human race. Let’s stop this madness now before it’s too late.

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