Tell Olive Garden to Stop Using Antibiotic-Laden Meat

Target: Olive Garden President Dave George

Goal: Stop the use of meat from animals given unnecessary daily doses of antibiotics.

Restaurant chain Olive Garden is refusing to ditch meat suppliers that dose their animals with antibiotics every day–an unnecessary practice that is a huge contributor to the growing germ resistance to these antibiotics. Big agriculture companies like to inundate their animals with these drugs rather than actually take care of them and keep them in sanitary conditions that don’t tend to lead to a lot of infection. As long as companies keep providing these factory farms with money, these problems will only get worse.

Recently, medical scientists confirmed the existence of bacteria that is resistant to all antibiotics, even the most powerful “last chance” drugs. This means that those who become infected with this bacteria can die even from a simple cut, especially if their immune systems are compromised from cancer treatments or certain disorders. Our overuse of antibiotics in cows, chickens, and pigs is considered to be one of the main reasons that bacteria has outpaced the development of medications that can fight it.

Until Olive Garden switches to local meat suppliers that take care of their animals properly without the overuse of antibiotics, the company will be contributing to the horrific abuse of animals and possibly the future deaths of thousands of people. Even massive chains like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are stepping up and committing to antibiotic-free meat. Sign our petition to demand that Olive Garden makes the responsible and humane decision to end its reliance on dirty meat suppliers.


Dear Mr. George,

It’s come to my attention that you’re still relying on meat suppliers that give their animals daily doses of antibiotics instead of properly taking care of their animals. In doing this, you’re financing not only the horrific abuse of animals that are crammed into tiny cages and pens 24 hours per day, but also the growing problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

You may have heard that a strain of bacteria was recently found that is resistant to all known antibiotics. This has frightening implications for anyone with a compromised immune system and all of humanity in general. If nothing is done, healthy people could begin dying of simple infections the way they did before penicillin was discovered. The overuse of antibiotics in farm animals is considered to be a strong contributor to this threat.

Other restaurant chains like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are beginning to commit to healthier, more humane local meat sources. It’s time you did the same, both for your company’s image and for the health of humans and farm animals everywhere.


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  1. go vegan now olive garden.


  3. I have no idea who or what Olive Garden is, but shame on you for endorsing the treatment of animals this way. You have to give away your ethics for profit.

    However, I agree with both commenters above: For the sake of the planet, health and of course the animals – GO VEGAN.

  4. Why don’t people stop eating meat, and go Vegan!?!?! It’s the healthiest, kindest way to live and eat. It’s the animals flesh and the human race needs to ‘get it’ that it’s not humane… If you would’nt eat your cat or your dog…. they are all the same and feel pain!

  5. Yes! GO VEGAN and stop supporting the torment of factory-farm-raised animals whose flesh you presently serve to all those giggling young fools in your ads. PRACTICE COMPASSION, thereby gaining our respect and also ensuring that we don’t die from resistant bacteria.
    As it stands, I wouldn’t eat at Olive Garden if you gave me a free meal.

  6. Olive Garden use to have ethics years ago, but now has joined ranks of the inhumane, money monger ridden businesses that only look to profit. What happened…change of CEO”S? What? We consumers want better! Not only do we find the antibiotics repulsive, but the conditions in which your suppliers keep the animals! Horrible! Also,it is true….you hardly have any vegetarian dishes! Why not? Profits not there?

  7. All Factory farming is disgusting how it is even allowed I do not know. No animal should ever be kept in such horrific conditions ever single one should be closed down. AS humans we should have more integrity than this it is shameful what we do to animals

  8. Go VEGAN is the best and only harmless way to live on Earth…!!!! Stop eating animals’ flesh, eggs and drinking milk, that is not for human, but for calves…!!!!!

  9. Nena Miller says:

    These poor poor animals have to endure nothing but torture then be killed. What kind of keepers of this earth has man become?

  10. Just a heads up to everyone misled by petitions like this, there is absolutely no meat that is ever sold containing antibiotic residues as per US federal regulations. Anytime a vet prescribes antibiotics to an animal, it is to keep them healthy and happy the same way we or any other animal might be prescribed antibiotics if we were to catch a cold.

    Antibiotics are not prescribed unless needed, because that would not be judicious use of any antimicrobial and is something both vets and food animal caretakers have strong understanding of. Even after an animal recovers from whatever they may receive antibiotics for, they have a withdrawal period that varies depending on which medicine or preventative medicine they may have received. The law even places hefty fines that could shut down any meat producer if any health or welfare related law is broken. That means even those few who may have questionable ethics are kept in check so that the health and safety of animals and the public are always priority.

    So the petition’s claim that animals receive random, endless doses of antibiotics is not true. The idea that antibiotic residues flood our meat is not true. The best way to prevent bacterial antibiotic resistance in people is to always complete the dose prescribed to you, and not to abuse its use when it is not prescribed to you.

    As far as animal welfare goes, I did a lot of research and it turns out the families and vets that enter food production organizations do so as a way to be physically present to enforce good welfare for all their animals. So the mistreatment of animals I used to think occurred in food production turn out to be not true, and are highly enforced by law, and by animal behavior specialists (Temple Grandin being one of the most well known right now).

    The ones who need our help most are organizations like the ASPCA who help protect the animals that the public neglects, abuses or hoards, and both domestic and wildlife rescues and rehabilitation centers. All zoos and sanctuary organizations in the US have high quality care and conservation efforts for both their animals and their wildlife cousins, but need the support of the public to continue to help them. Organizations of less developed countries, however, do not follow the same strict regulations or have questionable conservation mindsets and can be improved if enough attention is focused on doing so. So for those like me who dedicate their life or careers to helping animals, be careful with trusting completely inaccurate petitions like this one, but please do follow that calling to help animals by becoming involved with your local rescue organizations. For larger scale support, you can support awesome organizations like

  11. For those like me who dedicate their life or careers to helping animals, be careful with trusting completely inaccurate petitions like this one, but please do follow that calling to help animals by becoming involved with your local rescue organizations that actually do need support. For larger scale support, you can support awesome organizations like

  12. Or just stop selling meat all together! Or at least all red meats.

  13. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  14. Anne Borgeaud says:

    I wish all meat eaters will be poisonned !

  15. It is unbelievable what the human species will commit against the innocent purely for GREED.

  16. Cecily Colloby says:

    Sophia, if you really believe that there is no cruelty and abuse involved in the raising of animals for meat then you must come from a different planet to the rest of us or be very naive indeed!!!! I can assure you that cruelty is RIFE, even in so-called civilized countries such as the U.S.A and the UK and you must be deaf, dumb and blind not to know that!! The human race should NOT be eating animals in the first place-if they MUST eat meat why don’t they eat each other? They could start with animal abusers such as factory farmers…….

  17. Tell people to stop eating meat, then maybe that will stop Olive Garden from serving it.

  18. Boycott Olive Garden. Everyone I know will no longer eat there. They will eventually start to lose revenue.

  19. Maria Mahyorova says:

    People want to eat corpses and stay healthy. Hahaha!

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