Ban Bear Hunting for Sport

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Don’t allow hunters to legally kill bears for sport.

After a hunter shot and killed a massive white bear, media outlets and experts rushed to figure out whether the animal was a rare grizzly-polar bear hybrid. No one stopped to mourn the tragic death of a sentient creature or question the legality of hunting bears for fun. The animal turned out to be a blond grizzly, but this does not make its death any less sad.

Unfortunately, even if the bear had been an extremely rare “pizzly” hybrid, the hunter would still face no punishment for killing it. The same is true for polar bears, despite the fact that their shrinking habitat is putting intense pressure on this endangered species, which is officially classified as “vulnerable” on account of its rapidly decreasing population. A law banning the hunting of all bears must urgently be passed, as these majestic creatures do not deserve to die for hunters’ entertainment.

Sign this petition urging Canada to protect these beautiful animals from being senselessly murdered for sport and urgently ban bear hunting,


Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

A blond grizzly bear shot and killed by a hunter in Nunavut sparked rumors that it was a polar bear-grizzly cross breed. Experts found that this was not the case, but this does not make the animal’s death for one man’s entertainment any less tragic. Sadly, even if the animal had been an extremely rare hybrid, it would still have been legal to shoot it.

Polar bears are also still legally hunted, despite being a vulnerable species due to their numbers decreasing rapidly. Urgent steps must be taken to protect bears in Canada from the senseless and brutal end met by this beautiful blond grizzly.

Please ban bear hunting to protect these animals from being murdered for sport.


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Photo credit: NNPS

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  2. This should apply to all of wildlife
    Hunting is cruelty and inhumane. Wiping out species for profit and greed. It makes me sick and sad

  3. Patrick Labelle says:

    Unfortunately, Trudeau actually supports animal cruelty (he was PROUD to have his whole family photographed wearing fur, a few years ago) so if we count on this as…..ole, nothing will be done for the animals.

  4. Could we all move up out of the Paleolithic? We’re far worse as humans now, because Cro-Magnon didn’t drive his SUV into what little remains of the primeval forests, haul out his assault weapon, find one of the dwindling species of bear (or whatever he thinks is most “fun” to kill), aim through his telescopic sights, and end this beautiful bear’s existence ALL FOR THE FUN OF IT.
    And we scoff at our “primitive” ancestors. Hunting for “sport” is pathological blood-lust. Think about it: taking the LIFE of another sentient being, just for the hell of it??

  5. Only Soulless Humans with no integrity what so ever would even want to kill animals. It is not a sport it is vile killing of innocent animals done by vile scum. There not fit to walk the same earth as the creatures they murder.

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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