Justice for Dog Shot in Her Own Backyard

Target: Walter M. Beglau, District Attorney

Goal: Punish the person convicted of shooting a dog in a fenced-in backyard.

A dog died after she was shot with a pellet gun in her own backyard. Her owner found her lying on her deck, nearly dead. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

The owner became concerned when Rosie, a one-year-old Miniature Pinscher-Chihuahua mix, didn’t come when called. She followed a long trail of blood through the backyard and found Rosie nearly dead. Rosie suffered a punctured lung and excessive blood loss from the attack. She was euthanized due to the severity of her injuries.

Witnesses state that they heard a neighbor cursing the dog out followed by a loud pop and a yelp. The neighbor was arrested on charges of first-degree aggravated animal abuse and recklessly endangering another person. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear District Attorney Beglau,

A dog died after a neighbor allegedly shot her with a pellet gun in her own backyard. We demand justice for this innocent dog.

A trail of blood led Rosie’s owner through their fenced-in backyard, where Rosie lay dying. She suffered injuries so severe that she had to be euthanized. Witness statements led to the arrest of a neighbor, who reportedly complained about the dog’s barking.

To her family, Rosie was more than just a dog. They are devastated by her loss. We demand the maximum penalty for the person convicted of this horrific crime.


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Photo Credit: Dorena

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  1. What I would like to know is what are the authorities going to do about the SOB who shot this little dog. If a kid happened to be too noisy, as the neighbor said about Rosie, would he shoot the kid?? Probably so. It takes a mean, hateful killer to do such a thing, and he does not belong in society, as he is a danger to all around him. I hope they put him in prison and in prison I hope he gets brutally raped everyday. That’s what he deserves among other things. What a nasty piece of work!! Ol’ Karma will come back around and bite him in the butt, and I hope it is soon and I hope it is brutal.

    • A cancer curse on this low life scum, may they suffer agony for the rest of their life.It’s time a law was brought in that punishments fit the crimes. Sadly the lawmakers haven’t the guts, human rights and all that garbage. What about rights for animals!


  3. Someone needs to shoot him in the head with a gun for being a low life piece of shit douchebag!
    Shame on his sorry ass and I hope karma is brutal as hell.

  4. This f+++ING asshole should be in a room for 5/min with me and a gun!

  5. Gillian Miller says:

    As an animal lover and a dog fosterer I find this to be an appalling crime. However, I would like to remind dog owners that other people do not want to put up with your dog barking. This kind of thing happens because people cannot be bothered to spend time training their dog and issues like this happen so please take the time to teach your pup not to do so.

    • Kate Pride says:

      Gillian, I would like to remind you that dogs BARK. NEWSFLASH: it’s their voice and how they express themselves! How about the fact that as human beings it is our jobs to NOT shoot dogs (or anyone else for that matter) in ANY place or situation?!! Certain people have this assinine belief that dogs should never bark (these are the same people who should never own any companion animals)…how about we focus on teaching people not to behave like the inbred degenerates that they are and harm innocent creatures on a whim just because they “feel like it.”

      • Margaret Melnick says:

        Gillian I have a question for you. If people shoot dogs because they bark I guess it is ok to shoot kids because they scream and annoy me? Guess people should train their kids not to make noise. See how silly your statement is. As humans because something annoys us does not give us the right to kill. My solution would have been to talk to the neighbor then if necessary call animal control and complain. Best solution would be to buy one of the anti bark devises you can hang near your fence that makes a ultrasonic sound when the dog barks and deters it from barking. Shooting the animal was not an option no more than shooting a child would be.

    • Kill this monster and rid this fuck from the Planet.
      This monster doesn,t deserve to be part of this Planet.

    • You might be an animal lover, well show it? All dogs will bark and don,t deserve to be shot because of it. This psychopathic monster needs a bullet through his head, but that would be too quick for a monster like this filth.

  6. Authorities;

    Make sure that this slime ball is severely punished. How could anyone be so cruel and vile?? Jail him, fine him a huge amount and ban him from having or being around any animals and get him psychiatric help as he is very very sick!!

  7. This “sick ” neighbor needs to experience the full justice that can be brought to bear on his crime. Shooting the dog with a pellet gun was his means of making the dog suffer for a long time.
    The point made by Gillian Miller is well put. A dog cannot bark
    excessively without someone wanting peace and quiet from the noise.

    We have 4 dogs, if they are outside it means we are home. If they start barking we find out the cause and will get them inside.

  8. An eye foe an eye is required here.The death penalty and nothing less when least expected, slowly and painfully!!!

  9. Jacqui Skill says:

    Put the creep monster barbarian neighbor who did this away in jail forever..this
    is a dangerous person who should not be roaming free in society where he can hurt and kill others on his insane whim!! What a savage ignorant barbarian! Put him away for good!! My heart goes out to the poor family and the poor innocent dog who suffered and died because of this monster

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope the bastard rots in hell❗️?
    Signed & Shared.

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