Stop Inhumane Factory Farming Practices

Target: Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Put a stop to factory farming in the United States.

The practice of factory farming has been in existence for a long time, and nothing good has come of it. Perhaps back then we did not think much of its impact on our well-being, but in this day and age it’s unethical and unhealthy for both humans and livestock.

Factory farms force cows, chickens and pigs into tightly enclosed spaces where they can barely move. They have almost no exposure to the outside world, kept in their pens from birth until death, and many experience distress and physical health problems as a result.

The animals are fed hormones and antibiotics, which are then sold to us in milk, meat, and eggs. These hormones can be harmful to us, as they can cause various cancers and other diseases. These farms are also rife with the spread of e-coli, salmonella, swine flu and other contamination due to the poor sanitation of these farms; this contamination can make its way into our diet and lead to food poisoning at the least and dangerous illnesses at worst.

The logic behind pumping animals full of such drugs is that it encourages faster growth and higher quantities of milk, larger eggs and bigger cuts of meat. However, when it comes to our diet, quality should come before quantity. Manufactured, hormone-filled meat and eggs make for tasteless and potentially dangerous meals. It is not worth risking our lives just to produce more food products to sell cheaply.

Farms need to take better care of their livestock. It is time to put an end to the risk of food poisoning and the abuse of animals just so consumers can save a few dollars on groceries. In fact, people these days are willing to pay more for free-range, organic products for the sake of their health. Sign this petition to urge farms to go free-range, to stop pumping their animals full of chemicals and forcing them to live in squalid conditions.


Dear Mr. Vilsack,

We need to put a stop to factory farming. It is not beneficial to us, or to the livestock we raise for food. Quality over quantity should be encouraged for everything we put on and into our bodies; it is time to erase the dangers of diseases and poisonings from our meats, eggs, and milk products.

The animals raised in these conditions are suffering needlessly as well. They develop health problems, mental and physical. They’re kept away from the outside world in filthy conditions, pumped full of chemicals they don’t need, all for the sake of mass producing food for us that supermarkets can sell cheaply.

Please enforce stronger laws demanding the ethical treatment of livestock. Not only for the sake of the cows, chickens and pigs suffering these indignities, but for the sake of those who consume meat, milk and eggs regularly. Stop the spread of food-borne diseases and contaminants by encouraging more ethical farming practices.


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Photo Credit: Mary Anne Andrei

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  2. There’s one way to stop factory farming other than demand better treatment for the animals…BECOME VEGETARIAN/VEGAN!


  4. F live cameras on vilisacks iphone and trumps office..a real live chaotic nightmare employing sadistic thrill killers. Keeping people obese sick bloated diabetic etc. While fast food chains conagra and pharma thrive. Interesting to see what happ in 50 yrs

  5. Free the animals, Fry up people too plenty..its become an infestation

  6. Carol Brandt says:

    My heart hurts for them.

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