Service Dog Taken Out by Hit-And-Run Driver Who Fled Scene

Target: Bernie McCabe, Florida State Attorney

Goal: Find and charge driver who hit a service dog and then drove away.

A service dog named Zephyr was severely injured in a hit-and-run incident while helping his owner across the street. Zephyr was just doing his job when a speeding car ran him down. The seemingly deliberate attack occurred when the driver reportedly sped through a red light, slowed down, and then plowed straight into the dog. The driver of the car sped away without stopping, leaving Zephyr to die in the street. Zephyr suffered numerous broken bones, including a broken pelvis, but miraculously survived and is now recovering.

Zephyr provides comfort and security to his owner, who suffers from PTSD. So, when a hit-and-run driver sped through a red light and hit Zephyr, his owner was devastated. Zephyr’s owner, Paul Kostora, stated “whoever it was gunned it, right as my dog was in front of the car, and plowed him,” Kostra recalled. “I chased the driver for, like, two seconds, then I realized my dog is probably dead, so I ran over.”

The person responsible for this hit-and-run is still at large. Demand justice for this innocent service animal. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty for this dangerous hit-and-run driver.


Dear State Attorney McCabe,

A hit-and-run driver reportedly plowed through a red light and hit a service dog, leaving the dog to die in the street. The dog survived, but sustained numerous broken bones and other injuries.

Zephyr, the service dog, has an important job. He provides comfort and security to his owner, who suffers from PTSD. So, when a hit-and-run driver sped through a red light and hit Zephyr, his owner was devastated. Per reports, the driver gunned through the intersection, slowed down, and then plowed straight into the service dog.

This dangerous driver is still at large. We demand the maximum penalty for this hit-and-run driver.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Paul Kostora

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  1. Come on people…. we must stand together to stop animal abuse and catch this monster. The person who did this is a cruel,vile and inhumane monster and must be severely punished. Make an example of this slime ball by putting him in jail for 2 years, making him pay for the dogs vet bill, ban him from having or being around animals and get psychiatric help as they are very very sick.

    Someone must have seen this horrible act of cruelty and they must come forward. The other thing is this monster probably told someone about doing this and I hope that they come forward and tell authorities who this monster is and where they can find them.

    I hope that Zephyr and his owner recover from this horrible thing and that the community stands by them and helps them to do that.

    • Scum of the earth. It’s about time the law made the punishment fit the crime. He should have a taste of his own medicine. Vets should treat this lovely dog free of charge.This cretin must be locked up and off the streets, he is a danger and should never be behind the wheel of a car again. I put a cancer curse on this moron, may he suffer untold agony for the rest of his miserable life.

      • While I agree with most of your comments, putting a “cancer” curse on someone is extreme.. I pray that this coward is caught, punished and be made to pay the medical bills for this beautiful animal and that his owner doesn’t suffer from more stress..

      • While I agree with most of your comment, putting a “cancer” curse on someone is extreme.. I pray that this coward pays for what he did to both Zephyr and his owner..

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. This despicable excuse for a human being must pay for what they have done. Poor Zephyr must have suffered so terribly from his injuries and I hope that he will make a speedy recovery and be back with his owner, Paul Kostora soonest.

    • Yes you are right. I am also a driver but I respect life. I support you.

  2. Jacinta Copeland says:

    That scumbag should not only do hard time, they should also PAY the medical bill for the dog.
    What a world of disrespect and evil this is becoming. They need to PAY harshly for such crimes. Or they don’t learn and others keep doing it. I say ZERO TOLERANCE.

  3. We live in a cruel, vile and inhumane world and that is what the monster is who tried to kill this poor innocent dog. Whoever did this must be caught and severely punished.

  4. JINNY LEE says:

    A soulless human specie that roams this earth who creates dire consequences towards the innocent.

  5. Czerny A. says:

    Where is the CCTV footage? The police must take this seriously and hunt the bastard down before he tries to kill again.

  6. Despicable behaviour. I feel very sorry for the Paul Kostora.

  7. Whoever hit Zepher is FACINOROUS !!!

  8. Hopefully if this was at an intersection, they can get a license plate or vehicle identification. Nail the person to a fence and let them rot. Rid this country of scum. The world will not miss most of the humans in this world.

    • You got that right Nona! So many awful humans that obviously do not care about harming other living beings…especially innocent animals! Find this SOB and make him pay for what he did to dear Zephyr!!!! Disgusting!!!

  9. would not doubt this reading it is in Florida, BUT how can it be alleged? take a video with time frame, or go by every hour to see that the dog is there for a long period of time. Dont give the ignorant authorities an out not to punish. or STEAL the dog.

  10. Ther are more and more aliens among us, that might look human, but have no humanity.

  11. The typical mentality of the scum in Fl.

    Such a useless piece of shit to purposely run over a innocent animal.
    He should be tied to the train tracks and left to be ran over.
    Need to rid the world of all the evil vile useless pieces of shit.

  12. Zephyr get well soon.
    This subhuman bastard must be caught and jailed for life for the deliberate almost killing of a precious service dog named Zephyr.
    This subhuman filth deserves to be killed as soon as possible. He doesn,t deserve to live on this Planet.
    Die you bastard and go to hell where you belong.

  13. Elaine Rutland-Smith says:

    Use this POS as a skittle .. surely there was some traffic cams that caught this scumbag. RIP Zephyr, we will catch your murderer !!

  14. What is this world coming to? There has to be justice for Zephyr. Somebody must know the scumbag who carried out this despicable act. This low life must pay for what they have done. They must be charged, prosecuted and served with a severe sentence behind bars. They should also be made to pay all expenses incurred with Zephyr’s treatment. I hope and pray that Zephyr will make a speedy recovery following his terrible ordeal.

  15. Debra Jones says:

    It’s bad enough that this jackass hit an animal, but twice as bad to hit a service dog!!! And then leave the scene!!! He needs that maximum penalty due him.

  16. sheila menache says:

    Another idiot on the roads – have you no decency – I hope you have to pay all the vets bills to get Zephyr back to some sort of normal life – wonder what you would feel like if someone ploughed into you you heartless fool!!!


  18. Lilian Caughlin says:

    can’t put into words what I would like to see being done to this POS. Let the imagination run wild and ad more to it.

  19. Healing Love and Light to you my friend and Great Protection ?
    Special candle for you ?
    Nature treats back now ? Monster
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now ?
    Higher Justice works now ?

  20. this sorry s.o.b. needs to be tracked down and arrested.Then made to pay the vet bills for the dog. Then put in solitary confinement for the rest of
    their lives. No contact with the outside. No excess to a paper,phone,t.v.
    visitors. No outside privileges except one hr a day. Only give them enough
    food and water to survive. One change of clothes a month. a hosing off for
    a bath. give them a bucket for a toilet, a cot for a bed.

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