Demand Justice and Protection for Orangutans

Target: Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment

Goal: Protect orangutans from the threats of human cruelty and hunting in Malaysia.

An orphaned, 18-month-old orangutan named Didik was rescued by the charity organization International Animal Rescue after being found with a bullet lodged in his shoulder. The tiny ape was traumatized after also witnessing the death of his mother in Malaysia on the island of Borneo.

Didik was taken care of by a local man for three days before being given to the charity organization for better medical treatment. He is currently being treated for an eye infection and a fungal skin condition after his traumatizing incident. Didik is being cared for, but the loss of his mother cannot be undone, and has undoubtedly affected the developing ape.

While his mother cannot be brought back, further tragedies of this kind can be prevented by stronger protection from the government of Malaysia. Increased protections and higher penalties for cruelty such as that which killed Didik’s mother can prevent these incidents from happening again. Please sign the petition below to demand that Malaysia recognize the threats to its threatened orangutan population and prevent these tragedies from occurring again.


Dear Minister Wan Junaidi,

The injury of a young orangutan named Didik and the death of his mother are only the latest developments in a long history of threats to the Malaysian orangutan population on Borneo.

Incidents of such cruelty must be taken seriously and stronger efforts taken to prevent them from occurring in the future.  The threatened population is at risk from human activity including deforestation, palm oil plantations, and hunting, which took the life of Didik’s mother. At the current rate of loss, the orangutan may be extinct in the wild within 25 years if further measures are not taken to protect this vulnerable species.

I am urging you to tackle the threats to this population by enacting new protections for the species. Please enforce stricter punishments for cruel and illegal actions that threaten the life and health of members of this threatened species.


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Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett

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  1. must protect the great orangutans from palm oil plantations and land clearing now.

  2. I trekked Fraser’s Hill, Penang and the Mandai Rainforest for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at a time when it teemed with all it’s natural life, manifest through the movement and sound within which was an absolute wonder to behold. Now, all I see of Malaya is a stream of articles depicting the destruction of the beautiful and ancient forest lands and the orphans of one species after another where forest destroyers have killed parents in a lethal, illegal and despicable poaching trade, capture of animals for the exotic pet or research industries or the horrific injuries sustained by adults and young alike which maim to the extent that they can no longer parent or hunt. The whole debacle is an absolute tragic travesty. Please set a precedent and show the Far East that Malaya has what it takes to take care of it’s iconic, beautiful, ancient, rare and natural heritage, part of that being the amazing orangutan. Please do everything possible to save the orangutan and forest.

  3. Orangutans are Malaysia’s and Indonesia’s heritage, they must be protected. Severe punishment must be given to anyone who harms an orangutan, traffics them, keeps them as pets and use them for entertainment. It’s time the two Governments did more. I’ve been to Borneo and seen the destruction of the rain forest, palm oil plantations as far as the eye can see, it’s horrendous. It’s the same in Sumatra. Why can’t the two Governments see this and stop this destruction. They have the power, they should use it. It only goes to show their greed for money at the expense of their wildlife and environment.I DO NOT BUY ANYTHING WITH PALM OIL IN IT, I’m doing my little bit.

  4. Agree with Shirley Nicholas! Western consumers buying palm oil products are equally guilty in the killings of orangutans & the destruction of their environment!

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  6. Scientifically proven that these Orangutans are so close to the Human species in many ways. Yet the treatment given to such gentle creatures by some of the Asian countries, In this case it is the Malaysian government and TIME HAS COME TO WAKE UP & do the needful to save & protect these species. Governments are the ones who support the greedy industries to carry on the destruction of Forests & their Natural Inhabitants, while profiting their personal gains in underground methods. This massive violations must come to an end. Boycott the Malaysian products, mainly the Palm oil and variety of industrial materials. World need to stand against this cowardly business dealers.

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