Justice for Jaguar Killed While Escaping from Olympic Ceremony

Target: Michele Temer, President of Brazil

Goal: Ban the use of all wild animals in public ceremonies to prevent needless death.

A jaguar was shot to death after he tried to escape confinement at a public ceremony. The jaguar, known as Juma, was displayed next to the Olympic torch for entertainment purposes. Demand justice for this near-threatened animal.

Photos show Juma lying on the ground next to the Olympic torch, restrained by heavy chains. His presence at the ceremonial lighting of the torch was meant to be quiet and peaceful. However, Juma escaped from his handler and ran towards a nearby zoo. Tranquilizer darts were used, but did not stop Juma from lunging at a soldier. He was shot with a pistol and killed.

Brazil’s environmental protection agency, IBAMA, did not authorize Juma’s presence at the public ceremony. He was used regardless. Sign below and demand an immediate ban on the use of wild animals in public ceremonies.


Dear President Temer,

A jaguar was killed after escaping from his confinement at an Olympic torch ceremony. IBAMA did not authorize his presence at the public event. We demand the immediate ban on the use of all wild animals in public ceremonies.

Photos show Juma lying next to the Olympic torch, confined by heavy chains. Shortly after, he escaped from his handler and ran. Tranquilizer darts agitated Juma, causing him to attack a soldier. He was then shot and killed with a pistol.

Jaguars are a near-threatened species in need of our protection. Exposing them to highly stressful public events only puts them at further risk. We demand the immediate ban on the use of wild animals in public ceremonies.


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Photo Credit: Alexandre Henry Alves

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  1. Because of human stupidity as usual an endangered innocent ANIMAL WAS MURDERED. You stupid brazilian most probably person, who decided this needs to understand the Animal and not the opposite. Than when he escape you were not prepared to get him safe again and between the danger that he could hurt anyone, or be killed…the vicitm pays. Why didn’t you clever person used a tranquilizer??? Why is always killing like the incompetents who murdered also Harambe?I wish an aliean species come and act with this people and others who mistreat animals the same way.

  2. juma the jaguar should still be alive now= shame on these people who killed this great animal now.

  3. Juma’s only crime – to be kept captive by a bunch of selfish, ignorant morons with stupid ideas and no clue of how precious an animal such as this’ life is!!!!
    What a magnificent animal – killed because of “human ‘kind'” (underscore kind)… what sort of name is that? There is nothing kind nor just about so many humans :'(
    RIP beautiful Juma :'(

  4. dirk baeke says:

    Another cowardly action of the stupid human race. Some don t know that all animals are affraigt of fire, so it could be aspected. For wat I read, they all has to blame, those stupid people, and that soldier is a coward

  5. Just like at the cincinnati zoo. another boob in charge of the welfare of animals

  6. STOP using wild life for your entertainment. Some Humans are so disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so disgusted!!!

  7. I agree with everything said! This poor animal has paid the ultimate price for human stupidity! She shouldn’t have been there at all and should still be alive!

  8. Gun-happy morons and another beautiful animal is murdered. All zoos and “entertainment” facilities should be shut down and every animal retired to a sanctuary. There are many good ones and plenty of room for more in South America and the USA. No animal should be used for people’s pleasure – most of the human race is a greedy disgrace. Go vegan and respect ALL LIFE.

  9. Um ato que nos envergonha, como irmãos da mesma língua, tanto ao povo brasileiro como ao português.

    Os animais não existem para serem abusados. É cruel, é atraso cívico, é degradante usar animais em qualquer cerimónia. Este animal foi estupidamente ASSASSINADO. Sinto vergonha do Brasil.

  10. Barbara Tomlinson says:

    This should never have been allowed in the first place – apparently it was NOT supposed to be allowed, but some Idiots went ahead and ignored that… for WHAT?

  11. Nena Miller says:

    Wow, this is just completely screwed up. What a sad situation. Man sure knows how to completely ruin things and kill things because man must ALWAYS exploit other living creatures when he has NO right to do so.

  12. I would love to hear that the bastard who killed this poor jaguar has been killed.This would be wonderful news!An eye for an eye!

  13. How very sad for Juma. Yes, there was little understanding of her species, and there should have been. But as the situation presented itself there was no other option than to take her life.
    Sure, sanctuaries, shelters and rescue organizations exist for just about any species. But, they are costly to run.
    When was the last time you donated to one of these organizations? That’s what saves animals lives. Put your money where your mouth is and don’t blame an entire country, or one man who really had no choice as it presented itself.

  14. Shitty, shitty, shitty people.

  15. Laurie Higgins says:

    Juma was a female.

    It was already illegal for them to use her this way. What will more legislation do?

  16. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

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